Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LEGO Doctor Who

Character Building Doctor Who Tardis

Doctor Who Villains Character Building

Doctor Who Character Building

Ok. They are not LEGO.
They are Doctor Who building toys made by a company called Character Building. I've become addicted to these. All of the photo's that I have uploaded are of Character Building Doctor Who Toys except for the spaceman which is LEGO. I was attempting to show the similarities of the two different toy brands but this link does a much better job of it . I really like the durability of the plastic that is used. They appear to be toys that will hold up well with play. I like that they can twist at the waist but wish that the legs would fit with LEGO minifigures.

Character Building sells both playsets (which include one or more figure) and figures individually (blind bags). I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and love the idea of using LEGO bricks to create scenes. So far they have released series 1 and series 2 blind bag figures and several playsets. Series 3 was rumored to be released in July 2012 but I've been told that it will be later. I hope its soon. Here is a link to pics of Series 3 that are circulating the web . I must have the Vashta nerada, Judoon & Sontaran.

I've had a very hard time finding these in the US. I found some on Ebay and recently discovered a few at Hastings Entertainment but they had of course been picked through already. I hope that they continue the line. Here is another link with more info on products released already

Here is a link to the wonderfully kind Ebay vendor that I was able to purchase figures from: sarahocdsarah

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