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Galaxy Squad: Star Slicer 70703 Minifigure and Build review

LEGO Galaxy Squad

Galaxy Squad: Star Slicer 70703
Pieces: 311
$39.99 retail
Ages: 8-14
released in
3 minifigures: Solomon Blaze, robot sidekick, red buggoid
   1 sticker sheet

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LEGO Galaxy Squad Star Slicer

LEGO Galaxy Squad Minifigures
Figures left to right:
Red buggoid, Solomon Blaze, Robot sidekick
LEGO Star Slicer review
Red Buggoid is exclusive to this set. He looks identical to the green ones except for the change in color

LEGO Galaxy Squad buggoid
Solomon Blaze has an alternative expression
(double sided head)

LEGO red Buggoid alien
LEGO Space Buggoid
Red Buggoid rides on top of the "mantis" head
LEGO Star Slicer Review
Bottom four legs don't really move. The "arms" in the front do move.
LEGO praying mantis
There is a purple "ball" can be launched from the
"pincer" piece near the mouth

LEGO Star Slicer Galaxy Squad
LEGO Galaxy Squad review
Galaxy Squad attack vehicle.
I love the azure blue with white.
LEGO Star Slicer review
I like how the guns or engines fit under the blue pieces that would normally be used for hood and fenders of cars

LEGO Galaxy Squad review

Vehicle separates into 2 parts

LEGO Star Slicer review

Clip that connects the two vehicles together

LEGO Galaxy Squad review

Flying vehicle separated from land vehicle

LEGO Space 2014 review
LEGO Space 2014

Set includes 1 of these "cocoon pods" (2 parts)

Galaxy Squad is a fun space theme that pits humans and robots against alien buggoids. The robots are interesting with interesting heads. The humans have well printed torso's and armor in various colors. All of these will be very useful for MOC's. Many of the sets contain lots of interesting parts and pieces in both common and not so common colors. 

LEGO shop at home recently discounted all Galaxy Squad sets. Many speculate that the theme/line is being retired. Now is the time to buy before they are gone. Good luck. You may be able to find them at a discounted price. 

Pricing based on piece count is a bit high with piece count of 311 and retail price of $39.99

Lots of interesting pieces and colors (Lime or yellow green, Azure Blue and New Dark Red)
Many technic parts (a plus for some)
Red Buggoid is exclusive to this set
Good play value for young ones

Check out my parts/pieces review of this set here

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