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Knex Super Mario Fire Mario Hammer Bro & Mystery Figure 3 pack

Knex Super Mario Fire Mario Hammer Bro & Mystery Figure 3 pack
Knex (or K'nex)
Super Mario: Fire Mario, Hammer Bro & Mystery Figure
Item number 38866 (knex online site item number)
Barcode 744476388667
$12.99 retail
Ages 6+
Pieces: 11
released in 2013 (I think)
3 minifigures: Hammer Bro, Fire Mario, Mystery Figure (Bob-Omb)
   No stickers

Knex Mario Mystery Figure

Here he is... Bob-Omb, the mystery figure. He is one of my favorite Knex Mario figures released thus far. At the moment he is only available in this 3 pack (not other sets or blind bags).

Knex Bob-omb

I love this guy so much. He looks great! Although he has no arms at all his legs are pretty interesting compared to other Knex Mario Figures. They have a ball joint that allows them to be moved in any direction. They also can be pulled out although I'm not sure if that helps anyone (see last Bob-omb pic). The wind up piece in the back can be turned and also is removable.

Knex Mario Mystery Figure

Knex Bob-omb

Knex Super Mario 3 pack with Mystery Figure

Here we have a Hammer Bro (also known as Hammer Brothers). They often appear in pairs in the video games but only one is included in this package. I still remember hating trying to dodge their hammer attacks in video games as a kid.

Knex Hammer Brother

The Hammer Bro is another figure that I just had to have. They have always been one of my favorite of Bowser's minions. I had to have 2 of them. I'm sure others will want to buy a second one as well. He comes with only one hammer. Like many other Knex figures with a shell the shell is removable and is in two pieces. 

Knex Super Mario 3 pack with Mystery Figure

At the moment Hammer Bros are only available in this 3 pack or in Super Mario Series 3 blind bags.

Knex Mario Hammer Brother

Knex Mario Blind Bag Series 3

Knex Fire Mario

Here we have Fire Mario or Mario in his fire suit if you prefer. He is a re-release that was previously available in Super Mario Wii Blind Bags. I'm sure that he was probably also included in a building set as well.

Knex Super Mario

He appears to be identical to the "regular" Mario (blue and red) except for the color change. There is something that I don't like about the Mario and Luigi Knex figures and I'm not sure what it is. The head looks good. I think its the arms. They are a bit short.

Knex Super Mario Wii

Knex Mario Kart Super Mario

$12.99 for 3 figures... Thats about $4.50 per figure. Its much better than purchasing a $20 building set to get the one desired figure. I was able to find it recently at a discount for $9.99. I of course had to buy 2 because I wanted a second Hammer Bro.

The Bob-Omb is very well constructed and is a very durable figure. The Hammer Bro and Fire Mario are the least durable of the bunch. Some pieces fit together loosely. Of the two that I purchased one Mario had a somewhat look head and the other had a loose hand (at the wrist). They are fine and don't hamper play really but I worry that after lots of play they will become even looser. This is fairly normal with Knex figures unfortunately.

Knex Bob-omb, Shy guy, Boo and Hammer Brother

Here are my 4 favorite Knex Mario figures released thus far! I'm still waiting for Kamek and Baby Bowser (Bowser Jr). I suppose I can wish for a new version of Bowser (different mold) too while I'm making wishes. Knex has released a greater variety of characters than I originally expected. I hope they continue to expand the line.

Do you have any thoughts or comments? Thanks for reading

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