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LEGO Movie: Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 Minifigure Review

Minifigure Review 

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My review of the parts and pieces included is here

LEGO Movie: Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809
Pieces: 738
$69.99 retail
Ages: 8-14
released in 2014
7 minifigures: Emmet, Ma Cop, Pa Cop, Vitruvius, Biznis Kitty, El Macho Wrestler, Lord Business
1 sticker sheet

There are so many great minifgures in this set that its hard to pick a favorite to begin with. 

LEGO Biznis Kitty

LEGO Biznis Kitty (Exclusive to this set)

LEGO Movie minifigure Biznis Kitty

LEGO Biznis Kitty (Exclusive to this set)

LEGO Movie Biznis Kitty Minifigure Review 70809

LEGO Biznis Kitty (Exclusive to this set)

LEGO Lord Business Evil Lair 70809 Minifigure Review

Lord Business All pieces

Includes 2 sets of minifigure legs. 
One set is semi-permanently attached to the black slopes that is shown in the photo above.
The large black "boots" are brick builds and can be taken apart.
The black piece cannot be removed from the helmet.

LEGO Lord Business Minifigure 70809 review

Lord Business assembled

Lord Business Cape

Lord Business back view

LEGO Movie Lord Business minifigure

Lord Business close up (Tie on shoulder armor is nice touch)

LEGO President Business minifigure 70809

Lord Business as President Business (without armor and boots)

LEGO Movie Lord Business minifigure helmet Evil Lair 70809

Lord Business (back of head, and torso)

LEGO Movie Vitruvius minifigure 70809 Evil Lair

Vitruvius with cape (behind) and lollipop staff

Vitruvius minifigure

Vitruvius back view

LEGO Movie Vitruvius minifigure head

Vitruvius (Face and cape is double sided)

LEGO Movie Vitruvius minifigure review

Vitruvius (cape is glittery one side and plain on other)

LEGO master builder El Macho Wrestler minifigure

El Macho Wrestler

LEGO El Macho Wrestler minifigure Lord Business Evil Lair review

El Macho Wrestler / Master Builder Wrestler

LEGO Movie Lord Business Evil Lair 70809 Emmet Minifigure

Emmet (with double sided face)

This is the same Emmet that appears in several other sets... Getaway Glider, Melting Room and Bad Cop Pursuit. I THINK it is the same Emmet that appears in the Super Cycle Chase. Cloud Cuckoo Palace has an Emmet with a different face. The blind bag/mystery bag Emmet has a different face as well.
LEGO Movie Emmet minifigure Lord Business Evil Lair 70809

Emmet (piece of resistance snapped onto back)

LEGO Movie Pa Cop Lord Business Evil Lair 70809

Pa Cop with double sided face

LEGO Movie Ma Cop Lord Business Evil Lair 70809

Ma Cop with double sided face

Both Ma Cop and Pa Cop have double sided face. Neither have back printing on the torso or legs.
Both include a clear base stand (shown below) that can be used to make it appear that they have trapped in glue. This is the same stand that was used for the Toy Story toy soldiers except that it is clear instead of green. I wish that I had taken a better photo of the piece (below). 2x are included in the set.

LEGO Movie Glue base Lord Business Evil Lair

Clear Base/Display stand that comes with both Ma & Pa Cop

Even though the set retails at $69.99 it includes several great figures (several are exclusive to this set at the moment). Buying them separately from third parties can be costly.

Vitruvius, Lord Business (with full boots and helmet), Biznis Kitty, Ma Cop, Pa Cop, and El Macho Wrestler are all exclusive to this set. Emmet is the only one that is not. 

Many great pieces for minifigure MOC's: Everything about Vitruvius could be useful. His hair piece and beard can be used for wiseman or magician of any era. His glittery cape is pretty flashy too (one side is plain). 

I would love to see LEGO use the Lord Business helmet mold (in red violet) to create a Galactus (Marvel comics villain) minifigure.

Interesting/rare pieces:
  • Vitruvius hair, beard, torso and "leg/robe", face and his glittery cape
  • Lord Business helmet, shoulder armor, and the back of Lord Business head
  • Clear stand (2x) that come with Pa and Ma Cop)
  • Ma Cop hair (I've never seen in grey before)
My favorite figures from the set:
  • Vitruvius
  • Biznis Kitty (other Unikitty variants will be available in near future in other sets)
  • Lord Business
Price is both a pro and a con. I don't like paying $70 for a set but if you plan to collect several of the figures it is actually a better deal than buying them from 3rd parties. At the moment I've seen Lord Business sell for $30, Vitruvius for $20 and Biznis Kitty for $15 on ebay.

Emmet is the same figure that is available in several sets. It would have been nice to get another variant.

If you like collecting minifigures this is actually a good deal. The set is fun to build as well. 

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Review of parts and pieces is available here

Do you have a favorite minifigure? What are your thoughts of the set? 

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