Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bricks & Pieces haul summer 2016

I recently discovered Bricks and Pieces. I enjoy looking for interesting parts. Today I will share details about parts ordered in late July 2016.

Its easy  to confuse Pick-A-Brick and Bricks & Pieces. I don't live near an official LEGO store so I don't have regular access to a Pick-A-Brick wall so I love having access to parts with Bricks & Pieces. Of all of the options though a Pick-A-Brick wall offers the best prices.

My order arrived in a bubble-wrap lined mailer. Since discovering Bricks & Pieces I've placed several orders and all of them shipped in a similar fashion. I'm not sure if very large orders would ship in a box or if all ship this way.

Torso's and Legs:
Its easy to find pick out lots of minifigure parts. I usually pick out too many and then have to remove some from my cart.

Pictured are the torso's and legs that I ordered. On the top left we have Catwoman's torso from Classic TV Series Batcave set #76052. Neither her hairpiece or face were available. In green we have the Riddler's torso and legs from the same set.

The black and blue torso belongs to Blue Beetle from Scarecrow: Harvest of Fear set #76054. I really like the colors and printing and think that the torso may be interesting to use in sci-fi space mocs.

The torso with the sweater is from Fun in the Park: City People Pack set #60134.

In red we have a female red torso from a Nexo Knight set. If I remember correctly it is the torso of Lavaria. It is available in Jestro's Volcano Lair set #70323 (and I think several others). The legs are also from Nexo Knights sets. They should be useful for monsters.

Printed tiles:

I love collecting printed parts for use in future builds.

I only bought four of the small 1x1 printed tiles of each Nexo Knight. I need to buy the others in future orders. The blue one takes me back to my childhood with the Falcon Knights (although there are slight differences I'm sure).

I love those goofy round 2x2 printed tiles (also from Nexo Knights sets).
 Yet another purchase for my medieval themed builds. The torso and dress piece belongs to Nexo Knight minifigure Queen Halbert from Infernox captures the Queen set #70325.
 Minifigures heads!!!

My minifigure head collection has grown a lot since I returned to LEGO as an adult. I love having mixing and matching heads and hairpieces to make new characters. I always buy extra for my son and friends.

I tried to create columns of each head. In each column I tried to turn 1x backwards to display its alternate printing if its double sided. Either Lance Richmond's head is not double sided or I forgot to turn one backwards.

Top row: From left to right we have 4x Nexo Knight: Chef Eclair heads (set 70317), 2x Lance Richmond heads (70312), 1x Axl head (70322), 1x Ava Prentice head (70324), 2x Queen Halbert heads (set 70325).