Saturday, September 21, 2013

LEGO Advent Calendar 60024

LEGO 60024 Santa

 These are my favorite things from LEGO City Advent Calendar 2013. The microscale train is just wonderful. I've wanted a thief with the mask for sometime now. I needed another Santa (after giving mine to my son). I think this is the first appearance of the dalmatian dog. The snowman is a nice holiday item and I can always use more plain heads and torsos. I really like the addition of the carrot for a nose even though it can't be attached to his face.

This is the first Advent Calendar that I've ever bought and I now know that I was missing out. This one has lots of great and useful pieces. I'll definitely check out others in the future. Advent Calendar at LEGO Shop at Home

LEGO Advent Calendar 60024

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