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LEGO Movie: Double-Decker Couch 70818

Double Decker Couch review
LEGO Movie: Double-Decker Couch 70818
Pieces: 197
$14.99 retail (US)
Ages: 7-14
released in 2015 (or was it late 2014?)

5 minifigures: Benny, Emmet, President Business, Ghost Vitruvius and Unikitty (sitting version with 2x expressions)
   NO sticker
Double-Decker Couch and Emmet's compact car

I'm very pleased with this purchase! 5 minifigures (counting Unikitty), some useful parts and fun tiny car build all for only $14.99. That's only $3 per minifigure (granted I wasn't interested in all of them). I'll review the minifigures last.

Double-Decker Couch review
Here's the contents of the box.
-1x instruction booklet
- 4 bags (not numbered)
- No stickers
LEGO Double Decker Couch parts review

Above is the entire contents (minus instruction manual) sorted by parts type. 
It takes a great deal of time for me to sort all of the parts by type but I like to think it keeps my reviews unique. All instructions booklets have a parts inventory at the end of the instructions manual but each part is only pictured once with a quantity number beside them. I like to visually see the quantity of the parts. Maybe I'm wasting my time in doing so. Anyone else find it useful that I sort all parts by type? If not maybe I should stop and spend more time building MOC's

Only 2x regular unmodified "bricks" in the entire set! I found that incredibly interesting. 
LEGO Unikitty Sad
Printed parts
- Vitruvius (lower half or legs if you prefer).design ID #20823
- waffle round tile 20730
- radio tile 20734
- Unikitty "eyebrow 1x3 plate 20728
- Unikitty "eyebrow 1x3 plate 20824
- Unikitty tail
-Unikitty face (crying) 1x3 brick  20729
- Unikitty face (stunned) 1x3 brick 20825

The radio tile was a nice surprise. I had no idea it existed. This is my first time finding this particular part.
I absolutely love getting two Unikitty faces in the same set. I'll compare this Unikitty to Unikitty from the Cloud Cuckoo later in the review.
My son was very excited about the waffle piece. It could be useful for creating textured details in a MOC but the set only includes one.
Vitruvius's bottom half of his robe could be used very effectively as a drape or curtain if more than one were included in the set. I doubt it would be a part to acquire cheap multiples. 

LEGO Medium blue tile
Tile parts
- MD.Blue 2x2 tiles design ID 3068
- MD.Blue 1x2 tiles 3069
- transparent 1x1 round tiles 98138
- Black radiator grille 2412

I love getting lots of tiles in a fun color in a cheap set. This Medium blue color is one of my favorite colors of the newer colors. I know... its not incredibly new... This set includes 12 of the 2x2's and 20 of the 1x2 tiles!

Regular plates
- The brown ones are Red.Brown
- Grey are DK.ST.Grey
- Blue 1x2's are MD.Blue
- Blue 1x1's are AQUA
- Green round 1x1's are SPR.YELL.GREE
- pink 1x1's are LGH.Purple
- Black 1x2's
- White 1x3, 2x2's & 1x1's
- Transparent 1x2's are TR.Red

Modified plates
- DK.ST.Grey
- Med.ST-Grey (light grey)
- White Angle Plate 1x2/2x2
- Black Lamp Holder

LEGO Movie Emmets car
Random parts/ more specialized parts
Colors shown here are as follows:
- Red.Brown
- Med.ST-Grey
- TR.Brown (the windshield part)

I like the base part of the car. Although not necessary for building cars its useful. LEGO Bricks & Pieces lists it as Chassis 4x7 design ID 2441

Technic Parts
Colors shown are:
- Med.ST-Grey
- BR.Red (I always referred to it as classic or basic red)
- BR. Blue

I have no idea why I grouped these together. Maybe because they both have holes? Maybe I just forgot to include them in a category?

I love the round 1x1's with holes in the stud. I hope LEGO expands the color selection of this part. These are white. I've seen them in white, black, BR.Yel (classic yellow) and New Dark Red. The design ID is 85861. LEGO lists the part as PL.ROUND 1X1 W. THROUGHG. HOLE.

Slopes and Cheese Wedges
- ROOF TILE 1X2/45° is LGH.Purple (light pink to me). Design ID 3040
- Cheese Wedge (ROOF TILE 1X1X2/3, ABS) is BR.Purple. Design ID 54200
- 3x of the cheese wedges are black
-  ROOF TILE 2X1X2 is black (tall slope)

Minifigure accessories (minus the waffle)
- Unikitty horn's are LGH.ROY.Blue. Design ID 89522 and the set includes an extra! (total of 2)
- Sausage and construction hat are BR.Red (classic red). The design ID for the hat is 3833
- Vitruvius's lolly is TR.BR.Green. Design ID 10178 and is referred to as "Moonstone". Remember these from the Monster Fighter theme?

LEGO Movie reviewAbove: Fun picture to illustrate scale of Emmet's car. Please NOTE: that not all items shown come with the Double-Decker Couch set. Unikitty's head and Emmet in the truck are from Cloud Cuckoo Palace 70803. The truck is from Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas 76026. I'll compare the Emmet minifigures later in the review. 

LEGO Movie Emmet car
LEGO tiny car
Its a very tiny car but one I consider very memorable. This is the same car that he is driving in the beginning of the LEGO Movie to work? Right? While playing "Everything is Awesome!"
Its a very easy build but I like it. I especially liked that it was included with the couch AND 5 minifigures for $14.99.

Wouldn't it be fun to create different versions of this car for different characters? Same basic build but modified to match different characters.

The construction hat fits in the back. Although if falls out very, very easily.
Without hat.

How I wish it had been the hat piece that has hair. The design ID for the hat that I'm referring to is 16175
LEGO car interior

Here's the window removed to show the radio tile (Design ID 20734)
Double Decker Couch review

Double-Decker Couch can easily be converted into 2x regular couches!

Double-Decker Couch finished build
Back view
LEGO Double-Decker Couch
Technic parts are all that connect the top to the bottom.

LEGO couch
Top half
LEGO furniture
Top half detail of how its put together. The back simply snaps onto the bottom. The couch "arms" snap on and fold upward.
Back view of the top
LEGO chairs
Bottom half
Bottom half detail of how its put together. The back simply snaps onto the bottom. The couch "arms" snap on and fold upward.

Very similar to the top half. 
Back of the bottom. Notice the 2x3's extend outward to the back to help stabilize the couch.

LEGO Sad Unikitty
Extra parts after finished build
Only one construction hat is included in the set.

Total of 2x Unikitty heads (both different)
LEGO Unikitty Double Decker Couch

Here she is. I LOVE the 2x expressions!

There are a lot of extra Unikitty parts! With one more ear (cheesewedge) and a white 1x3 one has a complete extra head!

LEGO Double Decker Couch review
I removed the tail to show how her body is created.

Notice I changed the head.

Poor thing. Her tail fell off.
Unikitty crying

The opposite of happy

Unikitty review

Unikitty comparisons

Above: comparison to earlier version from Cloud Cuckoo Palace #70803

Benny Spaceship
Benny! Benny! Benny!

Love the very happy face. Really I would like to have 5 more of these faces.

Benny has a double sided head. The alternate expression is shown below.

This is my first Benny minifigure so I can't adequately  compare him to other Benny minifigures.

LEGO Benny review
Here's his 2nd expression.

I THINK this is the 3rd set that Benny is available in and its by far the cheapest way to get him.

Benny is also available in:

- Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! #70816 (retail $99.99)

- MetalBeard's Sea Cow #70810 (retail $249.99)

torso has no back printing

LEGO Benny minifigure review
Closer look at the helmet

I knew that it was made to appear broken but it was my first time seeing it up close.
LEGO Emmet Comparisons
Emmet Comparisons

Left minifigure is from Cloud Cuckoo Palace 70803

Right minifigure is from Double-Decker Couch 70818

Unless I'm missing something the only difference is the faces.

The second photo shows the alternate expression of each.

Link to comparison of Cloud Cuckoo Palace, Blind bag and Getaway Glider Emmet minifigure

Link to Lord Business Evil Lair minifigure review
LEGO Lord Business
President Business

Same torso, legs and hair piece as all other versions (to the best of my knowledge). So the only difference is the head (expressions).

Lord Business adds the crazy hat and boots (see my link above of the Lord Business Evil Lair review for more information).

I love the expression on this face.
LEGO Double-Decker Couch review
Alternate face
No back printing
President Business hair
Detail of the hairpiece

LEGO Ghost Vitruvius
Ghost Vitruvius

This is his third appearance in a LEGO set (4th if you count the exclusive variant Vitruvius offered in the "Everything is Awesome" edition of the movie) 

Other appearances:
- Lord Business Evil Lair 70809
- MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810

To the best of my knowledge there are currently 3 different Vitruvius minifigures. Young Vitruvius (movie exclusive), Vitruvius with jeans and blind (available in 70809 & 70810) and Ghost Vitruvius.
LEGO sparkly cape

Cape Detail

LEGO Ghost Vitruvuis
The cape is double sided. Only one side is glittery/shiny.

I can't tell any difference in this cape and the cape from Lord Business Evil Lair 70809.

A photo of Vitruvius from 70809 can be seen here at this link

LEGO 20823
Pro's and Con's of this Vitruvius

- Much cheaper way to get Vitruvius than other sets
- Includes his "staff" accessory and cape
- Love the "leg" part. Its printed on a 2x2x1 but not a slope part like most robe "legs". The design ID is 20823. The part is exclusive to this set.

- Does not include his great beard and hairpiece.
- Does not include his face (this one is solid black).
-Both the torso and "legs" are different than other versions.

No printing on the back


Very good value for collector of LEGO Movie minifigure's. Unless you already have these characters in minifigure form and aren't interested in variants or different faces.

- x5 figures for $14.99
- Exclusive expressions for Unikitty (2x expressions)
- Unikitty and Benny for a very low price (compared to other sets)
- Did I mention I finally have Benny without paying a $10 or more for him?
- Interesting car build
- Interesting couch build
- lots of MD.Blue (light blue) tiles
- Alternate faces of President Business, Benny and Emmet
- Waffle
- Vitruvius "leg" part (design ID 20823)
- printed tile for radio

- Many may already have these characters and not want duplicates or be interested in slight variants
- Vitruvius is very different (most will probably prefer the other Vitruvius versions)
- Yet another Emmet. I'm sure most have several already. On a positive note they can easily be converted into construction workers by changing out the head and hairpiece.

Thank you for reading! Thank you to my subscribers and followers! Please check back for LEGO and general toy news and reviews.
Notice any mistakes within my post? Feel free to comment or write.

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