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Marvel Superheroes: Ant-Man Final Battle 76039 Full Review

Marvels Ant-man review
Marvel Superheroes: Ant-Man Final Battle 76039
Pieces: 195
$19.99 retail (US)
Ages: 6-12
released in 2015 (summer)

3 minifigures: Ant-Man, Hank Pym & Yellow Jacket
1x Sticker sheet

LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle review
I forgot to include the wings when I took the photo of the contents of the box so the wings aren't really to scale with the rest. Sorry.
-1x instruction booklet
-1x sticker sheet
-2x numbered bags
-1x "comic"
-2x wings
LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle contents

All parts (with bags open). Contents sorted by "type" (I'm always tempted to sort by color). Categories that I created are regular plates, basic bricks, tiles, modified bricks (technic bricks and studs on side bricks), slopes, ball & socket parts, minifigure parts, technic parts and other misc parts. Check out the end of my review for details on parts and close up photo's please.
LEGO Ant-man

The comic is "double sided" meaning that half is for the new spiderman sets and the other half is for the Antman set. If I remember correctly each comic is about 4 pages.
LEGO Ant-man

Page 1 and 2 of the Ant-man "comic"

LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle sticker sheet
Sticker sheet

Here's my first complaint about the set. The stickers aren't "clear". The two yellow stickers can only be used on yellow parts. When I first saw images of the set I hoped that the parts were printed. Then when I discovered they were stickers I hoped they were clear so that they could be applied to any part (regardless of color). Sadly they are limited to the colors shown.

On a positive note one of my favorite things about the set is playing around with scale meaning that one can now create very large bricks using regular size parts to make minifigures appear as if they have shrunk or simply play with different scales.

LEGO AFOL Cole Blaq has been creating some very interesting builds of enlarged bricks with regular size parts for years. So the idea of building larger LEGO bricks with regular parts isn't a new idea but with the stickers the "larger than life" studs can now appear to have the LEGO relief on top. Did any of what I said make sense? I hope so. If not please (or if so) please leave me a comment. That would be greatly appreciated. If you haven't seen out Cole Blaq's work you should really check him out. He's one of my favorites and I love the variety of his "brick" series.

Here's a link to Cole Blaq's Flickr album entitled "enter the brick" Clicking here will open a new tab

LEGO Ant-Man helmet
So I'll go ahead and say it... I love this set because of the new scale possibilities (stickers for studs) and the minifigures (and more specifically the helmets)

The helmets are so cool. I love science fiction and these helmets would be so much fun to include in sci-fi mocs. Hank Pym's and Ant-man's helmets are exactly the same except for their color. All three helmets have transparent (or is it translucent?) parts.

From left to right we have the helmets of...
Yellow Jacket, Ant-man and Hank Pym
LEGO Antman minifigure
From left to right we have the...
Yellow Jacket, Ant-man and Hank Pym

All three have leg printing and back printing.

All three have torsos and parts that would be great for sci-fi mocs. 
LEGO Yellowjacket minifigure
LEGO Antman helmet

LEGO Ant-man Final Battle review
Yellow Jacket with all his gear.

"Arms" are moveable and have the new "shooting" guns on both arms. For those that haven't seen them before... pushing down on the small grey parts causes the translucent yellow round parts to "shoot". These have been used in a lot of recent Star Wars sets.
LEGO Final Battle

Details of Yellow Jacket's gear. The part that goes around his neck I've seen used in several recent Ultra Agent's sets and are very useful for creating jet-packs and other accessories.
LEGO Yellow Jacket detail
Back view of Yellow Jacket
LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle review

Yellow Jacket (head is not double sided)

LEGO Ant-man minifigure

I love this expression (his head is double sided with 2x expressions).

His torso is very similar to that of Hank Pym's.

I had them switched by accident before taking photo's. Antman's has "silver trim" while Hank Pym's is only red and black with out the "trim".
LEGO Marvel minfigures
There's the expression that I like so much without the helmet (although I'm still partial to classic yellow minifigure heads).

I'm 99% sure that its the same head used for Ezra Bridger (Star Wars Rebels) in set 75048 The Phantom
LEGO Marvel Super hero
Alternate expression (double sided)
LEGO Ant-man minifigure review

LEGO Hank Pym

Hank Pym with plain black "head"

LEGO Marvel Ant-man Final Battle
Hank Pym has two heads. One is a plain black head piece so that his eyes and mouth don't show (shown above).

Or he has his regular head piece with 2x expressions.

Unless I'm wrong the same head is used for Gandalf in Hobbit and LOTR sets.

LEGO Hank Pym minifigure review

LEGO Ant-man minifigure review

LEGO Marvel Superheroes review

LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle review
I usually don't apply stickers but as I mentioned earlier I love the idea of creating more realistic "larger than normal" bricks" and the stickers add more details.

Here's the build without stickers.

Below is the same build with stickers applied (3x brick stud tops and 2x screw heads). As I mentioned earlier in the review I wish that the stickers had been transparent with only black detailing so that they could have been used on parts of other colors.
LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle 76039 review

With stickers applied

LEGO Antman Final Battle 76039
The yellow part actually functions as a catapult that launches a "screw."

Here you can see how this works and the underside of the yellow part.

I forgot to mention.... I love the screws. Simply stacking two round 1x1 plates gives the illusion of threads on a screw. Nice!
Detail of the larger build of a plate and the regular size plate that is included with the set.

The large "plate" is 3x6 studs. Each yellow tile is a 1x3 tile.

Detail of the larger build of a 1x1 basic brick and the regular size brick that is included with the set.

 Love it. 
Here's a large An-tman...
LEGO Ant-man small
... and oh no he's shrunk! Or did someone enlarge the LEGO parts? I suppose it could be used either way.

Although in the comics he's usually shrinking down in size or back to regular human size. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong please.
LEGO bricks varying scales

regular size brick with larger brick-built brick & pepper shaker

I had a lot of fun playing around with different scales.

LEGO ant
Adding to the fun of scale is a giant flying ant!

Its a nice build even though some have commented on that the legs aren't all that poseable.

Also apparently the first few sets that were shipped had a slightly different build with the legs. I don't know the details but apparently there were some slight changes made to the way that the legs attach to the body.
LEGO 76039 review
Its a nice looking ant especially considering its included in a set with 3 minifigures for the price of $19.99 USD.
Back view

I'm confused about the pink plate in the back. Is there a reason?
LEGO Ant-man ant
Overhead view

Wow! That looks so convincing!

Although its not really to scale with the larger LEGO parts though. The ant would be much smaller compared to the LEGO parts right? Maybe in the Ant-man film (not released at the time of this review) the ant is made larger than a normal ant?

I love the wings. Is this the first time they've been used/released?

Underside of ant

LEGO ant instructions
"Body" of the ant build.
This is the "tail" area of the ant with sides removed.

Nice use of SNOT technique to achieve the shape.
Here's an unfinished detail of the head to show how its built. 
LEGO ant instructions
Without legs or wings
LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle review
Here's how the wings attach
LEGO 76039 review
The wings "fold" and the technic pin/rod goes through the holes in the wings.

Extra parts after completing all builds

All basic bricks included in the set.
Modified bricks

-Technic bricks

-Round 1x1 bricks

-Bricks with studs on the side

All tiles included in the set

All "basic" plates

I did include the round plates and wing shapes. There is only one white wing piece.
Sloped parts
Plates that are modified
Parts with ball and sockets connections
Technic parts and parts that didn't fit into my other categories.

I've seen the legs in Chima sets but this was my first time acquiring them.
LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle 76039 review

Minifigures and accessory parts (including the "jumper")

LEGO Ant-man Final Battle review
I had a lot of fun taking photo's with the idea of scale changes.

The head piece, hair piece and salt&pepper parts are not included in this set. I'll be posting my review of the salt and pepper shaker soon.
LEGO Marvel photography

Great purchase considering all three minifigures are at the moment (of writing this review) exclusive to this set, includes stickers that can help with building at different scales, interesting ant build all for the price of $19.99 USD!


- x3 exclusive and great looking minifigures
- 3x great looking and very detailed helmets. Great job designers!
- Fun ant build
-Wing parts (are they new?)
-Stickers for tops of large brick built LEGO parts
-Great play possibilities for young builders! Is this all of the main characters from the Ant-man film? If so that's awesome that a young fan can purchase all three in one set for only $19.99 (in contrast to purchasing 2-3 sets to get all of the Guardians of the Galaxy team).

- Sigh... the stickers. I wish that they were transparent enabling use with any color LEGO part. Still. I'm happy to have them.
-Wow... was that my only complaint with the set?

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