Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lone Ranger Stagecoach Escape 79108

LEGO 79108 Stagecoach Escape stickers

1 instruction booklet and one set of stickers. I do like the padded seat stickers.
LEGO Stagecoach Escape 79108
Complete set with all figures and extra pieces/weapons
Set includes 5 figures, 3 horses, 1 stagecoach with safe. I very good deal for the price of  $29.99 (279 pieces). There are a total of 5 pistols, 2 knives and one rifle. 3 of the pistols are light silver color and 2 are a darker color. Set also includes 1 dynamite piece, 1 suitcase and 1 backpack (shown as mail bag with mail envelope). There are 2 of the printed 1x1 tile pieces that must represent a pocket watch. You can see all of the extra pieces and accessories in the photo's above.
LEGO Stagecoach
There is a storage area in the back for storing the suitcase.
LEGO Stagecoach Escape
Red Harrington
Red Harrington is my favorite minifigure from the set. I really like the unique hairpiece. The hat is removable in the same way that the crow is removed from Tonto's hairpiece (also the scarecrow from LEGO minifigure series 11). Her face is double sided with 2 expressions. She also has backprinting on her torso. I would have preferred that she not have flesh color showing on chest so that the torso could be used for yellow face LEGO moc's.
LEGO Tonto Indian
Tonto is a nice figure that can be bought in other sets as well. His face is nice but its his hairpiece that I like best. Face is double sided with 2 expressions. Back printing on his torso. There is printing on his legs as well.
LEGO Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger minifigure has one 1 expression. There is back printing on his torso. Legs have printing as well. He is available in several sets. I do like the mask for future moc's but it is his hat that I like best. Its larger than the hats that we've seen in previous Indiana Jones sets.
LEGO Jesus
Bandit (Jesus)
Nice printing on legs and front and back of torso. Nice face with sideburns. Hat appears to be the identical to Indiana Jones hat.
LEGO Barret
Bandit (Barret)
I like his hat and torso best. The hat appears to be identical to the hat of the Lone Ranger only different color. Torso will be nice to use in future MOC's since there is no flesh color showing anywhere. May even be useful for steampunk MOC's. Face is similar to the face of other bandit with slight differences.
Horse with saddle
Horse appears to identical to the horse used in Lord of Rings set Uruk-hai Army 9471. This is the newer updated horse version with moveable back legs. Set includes a total of 3 horses. 2 black and one brown. So not only does the set include 5 minifigures but 3 horses as well.

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