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Jakks Pacific: World of Nintendo: 2.5 inch Link (Legend of Zelda)

Jakks Pacific Link

World of Nintendo: Link (Legend of Zelda)
Jakks Pacific
Pieces: 2
$3.99 retail (US)
Ages: 3 plus
released in 2015

Link small figure with shield
Size: stands just over two inches tall

I discovered this little guy on the bottom shelf at a Wal-Mart checkout. At the time I had no idea that Jakk's Pacific was making a small version of Link. I've already posted information about their larger Link in the 4 inch line.

You can read about the 4 inch Link and the Figma Link version in my earlier post by clicking here

It appears Jackk's Pacific has a World of Nintendo Line with various sizes.
  • 2.5 inch line retailing at $3.99 (various reports of which characters this includes)
  • 4 inch retailing at $8.99 (currently including Mario, Link, Yoshi and Wario)
  • 6 inch line retailing at $14.99 (currently including Donkey Kong and Bowser)
Most people report best luck finding the 4 inch and 6 inch figures at Target and Toys R Us stores. I don't have either in town so I have yet to see any of these in stores in my few visits to stores out of town. Many can be found online on Ebay and Toy Wiz but of course the prices are often double retail (or more). I was able to order the 6 inch Bowser from ToysRus (online) but it was out of stock for days. I had to keep checking daily online until I finally found it in stock and ordered one successfully. The link that I had for the 6 inch Bowser no longer works (item not found). But I do have a link for the 6 inch Donkey Kong. Currently it is listed in stock at ToysRus.

Here's the link TRU 6 inch Donkey Kong link

Also there are a few other 4 inch figures listed in the recommendations at the bottom of the Donkey Kong link. At the time of this post there the recommendations include: 4inch Mario, 4inch Yoshi and 4inch Wario.
Moving onto more information about this particular 2.5 inch Link. I found it at my local Wal-mart. It was at the checkouts (near gift cards) on the very bottom shelf. The various characters were mixed up (sharing the same shelf space.

Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo small figures
This is a close up of the back of the package. I have more photo's of the packaging near the end of my review.

The package shows:
Mario, Link, Olimar (from Pikmin), Luigi, Tetra (from Legend of Zelda games such as Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks and others) and Waluigi. I haven't seen a Waluigi in stores yet so I'm assuming many people are snatching him up.
Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo toon link
Here he is! Link! My favorite video game character.

He is poseable but only barely. His head rotates and each arm can be rotated. There are no ball and socket joints. His legs are not poseable at all. His head can be rotated completely around but his hair causes some resistance so doing so loosen his neck slightly.

The sword can NOT be removed.

The shield can be removed

There is NO stand to display him on (or to keep him from falling over).
Legend of Zelda action figure

Here you can see how the shield "snaps" onto his arm. It can be a little loose in some spots on his arm.

He falls over VERY easily. With his tiny little feet and NO display stand its difficult to stand him up without.

I'm OK with that for such a great looking little figure for the retail price of $3.99 USD.
Wind waker link action figure

Here's a photo of his back. The cap looks nice from this angle.

Also his sword arm has been rotated making the sword point downward.
Toon Link Action figure

Side view

I love his hair.
Legend of Zelda toy

Opposite side view

Again you can see how the shield snaps onto his arm.
Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo toon link

Underneath is some identifying numbers of some sort.
World of Nintendo toon Link

Jakk's Pacific's website describes this line as being 2.5 inches but as you can see here that Link stands about two and one quarter inches tall (just to be clear).

I thought Green Arrow was a suitable LEGO minifigure to stand beside him to see how close he is to LEGO minifigure size.
LEGO Hyrule Shield

The shield doesn't work perfectly with a LEGO minifigure but if one carefully turns it just so and attaches it to the right spot it does work.

Its a nice shield. For such a small piece (and the price) I think the detailing is pretty great. Is is flawless? No. But I really like it.

Detail of shield attached to a LEGO minifigure
Jakk's Pacific World of Nintendo 2.5 inch Link

Good looking pose with shield raised.
Jakks Pacific: World of Nintendo: 2.5 Link

Another side view with sword arm down and back.
Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo LOZ

Combat ready

Legend of Zelda toys

Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Zelda packaging


Sorry. I wish that I had taken a photo of him in the packaging before removing him but I was eager to check him out.
Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Zelda box

Back of packaging.

Notice that the other characters that I mentioned earlier are on the bottom left of the back.

Samus is shown on the box but apparently not included in the 2.5 inch line.

I have seen photo's (online) of a Samus (Metroid) figure that is to be released in the 4 inch line. I have yet to see Samus in stores or available online (other than ebay).

 Bottom of packaging with some information that may be useful in the future.



For quality of the character meets or exceeds expectations for the price of $3.99. He can't be compared to the larger Nendoroid Wind Waker Link or the Figma Skyward Sword version of Link because they are much more expensive so of course they have much more attention to detail. For $3.99 I'm very pleased. Now if i can find the Ganon (in either 2.5 or 4 inch size)


- Link for $3.99! What I mean is in the past Legend of Zelda products were released much less than Mario products. It was great being able to purchase him for such a low price and to actually do it in a brick and mortar store (without ordering him online).

- Apparently there is a 2.5 inch and 6 inch Ganon that has already been released or soon to be released. So maybe there is hope of more Legend of Zelda characters!

- Very well sculpted for a "toon style" Link of this price and size.


- Falls over very, very easily. A display stand would have been very nice to have.
- Very limited poses
- Paint details are far from perfect (but for $3.99 I'm satisfied)

I'll leave you with some web links:

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