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Home: LEGO Salt and Pepper Set 850705 review

LEGO salt & pepper shaker

LEGO large scale bricks

Home: LEGO Salt and Pepper Set 850705
  • Pieces: 2 (plus 2 rubber stoppers)
  • $6.99 retail (US)
  • Ages: 4+
  • release date (unsure... possibly 2013)
  • 0 minifigures
 I had considered purchasing this for sometime but always passed because it only consisted of two parts (both a salt shaker and pepper shaker). I always thought they would be fun displays on a shelf or desk at work or home. Each time I passed because there was always other sets that I wanted to purchase. 

This time though I needed roughly $5 for my online purchase to reach the $75 threshold for free shipping and the Winter Soldier minifigure/polybag. 

 Left to Right:
regular 1x1 brick, brick built larger brick (from Ant-man Final Battle), pepper shaker

LEGO salt & pepper shaker
Here is the back of the package.

Package illustrates how rubber stopper is removed from the bottom of each.

Small white & black 1x1 bricks shown are not included

They DO stack on top of each other. AND with SOME clutch power!

They were slightly smaller than I expected. This isn't really bad... just different than I anticipated.
LEGO Salt and Pepper Set review
Here is the bottom of the package.

Again the small white & black 1x1 bricks shown are not included
LEGO bat
Fun with photography.
LEGO Shakespeare speech

To salt or pepper, that is the question.

LEGO Ant-man shrunk
Bottoms of each. The white salt shaker got lost in the white background. Sorry.
LEGO Salt and Pepper Set review
Detail of "stopper" on the bottom.

LEGO Salt and Pepper Set review
Insides of the "shakers" with stoppers removed. The surprise on the inside of the pepper shaker is not included. I was having so much fun with photography I couldn't resist.
LEGO large scale
Alright and now for the test... Can these salt and pepper shakers somehow fit with regular LEGO plates and bricks? I only devoted a little time to the problem. Maybe others can find ways to do so but my quick test with plates (shown here) did not work. The stud on top of the pepper shaker is slightly smaller than the space created here (slightly smaller than a 4x4 space). Also the actual shaker is slightly (only slightly) smaller than a 6x6 plate. Notice in the photo the LEGO plates extend outward on both sides past the edges of the 6x6 frame that I placed on top.

So one can loosely stack LEGO builds on top but NOT with any sort of clutch power. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong with a clever solution (maybe a snot technique or sorts). I hope so.
LEGO salt and pepper

I tried to show how much space is between the "stud" and the "frame". Or... just how loose this connection is if that makes more sense.
LEGO salt shaker fit with LEGO
Here's is the bottom (with stopper removed) sitting on a 6x6 frame made with plates. The opening is slightly too small to fit over the studs. Again this doesn't work.

LEGO small scale
More fun with photography

I love the fun with scale one can have with these salt and pepper shakers. With the stoppers removed they look so much like a regular brick (only larger). Of course the holes in the top give them away as well.

LEGO large bricks
Still they are great fun. 

I wish they came in more colors instead of just white and black.


At $6.99 it would seem expensive to purchase them for parts since that would be roughly $3.50 each. Compare the price to the larger "brick" storage containers though and it doesn't seem as bad (unless one of course wants a much larger "brick" like the storage containers).

Also consider that without purchasing these I would have paid over $5 in shipping and would not have received the Winter Soldier polybag (exclusive offer during June 2015). So in a sense this was the perfect time for me to purchase them.

For small paper weight or display on a desk I also recommend them... although they aren't very large (some may want a larger more easily seen brick "container").

Also for those in need of a salt and pepper shaker (for dispensing salt & pepper) this isn't a bad price at all compared to other salt and pepper shakers.

I had loads of fun considering photography possibilities with them and highly recommend them to any LEGO fan that loves photography and playing around with different scale ratios.

  • Fun way to alter the scale of things (especially in photography)
  • Cheap desk display or paper weight
  • Inexpensive and practical Salt & Pepper shaker set

  • Doesn't fit easily with other LEGO or DUPLO parts (although that isn't what they were intended to do... and someone may prove me wrong in the future). 
  • One may consider the price a negative... maybe. Although I'm ok with it.
  • Only available in white & black

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