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Bricks & Pieces haul summer 2016

I recently discovered Bricks and Pieces. I enjoy looking for interesting parts. Today I will share details about parts ordered in late July 2016.

Its easy  to confuse Pick-A-Brick and Bricks & Pieces. I don't live near an official LEGO store so I don't have regular access to a Pick-A-Brick wall so I love having access to parts with Bricks & Pieces. Of all of the options though a Pick-A-Brick wall offers the best prices.

My order arrived in a bubble-wrap lined mailer. Since discovering Bricks & Pieces I've placed several orders and all of them shipped in a similar fashion. I'm not sure if very large orders would ship in a box or if all ship this way.

Torso's and Legs:
Its easy to find pick out lots of minifigure parts. I usually pick out too many and then have to remove some from my cart.

Pictured are the torso's and legs that I ordered. On the top left we have Catwoman's torso from Classic TV Series Batcave set #76052. Neither her hairpiece or face were available. In green we have the Riddler's torso and legs from the same set.

The black and blue torso belongs to Blue Beetle from Scarecrow: Harvest of Fear set #76054. I really like the colors and printing and think that the torso may be interesting to use in sci-fi space mocs.

The torso with the sweater is from Fun in the Park: City People Pack set #60134.

In red we have a female red torso from a Nexo Knight set. If I remember correctly it is the torso of Lavaria. It is available in Jestro's Volcano Lair set #70323 (and I think several others). The legs are also from Nexo Knights sets. They should be useful for monsters.

Printed tiles:

I love collecting printed parts for use in future builds.

I only bought four of the small 1x1 printed tiles of each Nexo Knight. I need to buy the others in future orders. The blue one takes me back to my childhood with the Falcon Knights (although there are slight differences I'm sure).

I love those goofy round 2x2 printed tiles (also from Nexo Knights sets).
 Yet another purchase for my medieval themed builds. The torso and dress piece belongs to Nexo Knight minifigure Queen Halbert from Infernox captures the Queen set #70325.
 Minifigures heads!!!

My minifigure head collection has grown a lot since I returned to LEGO as an adult. I love having mixing and matching heads and hairpieces to make new characters. I always buy extra for my son and friends.

I tried to create columns of each head. In each column I tried to turn 1x backwards to display its alternate printing if its double sided. Either Lance Richmond's head is not double sided or I forgot to turn one backwards.

Top row: From left to right we have 4x Nexo Knight: Chef Eclair heads (set 70317), 2x Lance Richmond heads (70312), 1x Axl head (70322), 1x Ava Prentice head (70324), 2x Queen Halbert heads (set 70325).

2nd row: six different enemy heads from various Nexo Knights sets. The first two have printing on the back but its not an alternate expression (as you can see in the photo). The remaining four each have slightly different expressions on the back).

Bottom row: 6x lady face with glasses (set 60134), 6x Louis Tulley heads (75827). In set #75827 Louis Tulley is seen with two different faces so I assumed that it is double sided. I wanted the other  face. Apparently it is NOT double sided. *Bummer. 4x Jestro heads (Nexo Knight 70316), 6x man with mustache heads (set 60134), 6x Moltor heads (70313) which has back printing but its not an alternate expression, 6x Aaron Fox heads with beaming smile and freckles (set 70313).

*I'm listening to a Jangbricks review while writing this to discover the truth behind the Louis Tulley head.*
Update: Louis Tulley has 2x different heads in the set. One is double sided and one is not. Thanks Jang!

From left to right: Classic Joker (from TV series Batcave) different green than previous Joker minifigures), white hairpiece (set 60134), Beast/prince hair (Belle's Enchanted Castle 41067), white long hair (librarian 75827), Dark Brown long
hair (Dana 75827). Both the white and dark brown hair pieces are the same part (just in different colors).
Hats and helmets
From left to right:

New hoods with "elf" ears!
  • Blue (Medium Azur) Mini doll wig, hood w/ears No.2 design #26543 from Elves: set #41180 used for Naida minifigure.
  • Magneta ( Mini doll wig, hood w/ears No.1 design #26536 from Elves: set #41179 used for Azari minifigure. NOTE each hood has different skin tone colors and a different design on the top of the hood
  • Orange (BR orange) Hood for Cloak design #98011 (set 76058) used for Hobgoblin minifig
  • Silver (Silver Met.) Mini crash helmet design #30124 from various sets and available in lots of colors
  • Silver (Silver Met.) Mini Visor No. 4 (design #22400) from Nexo Knight set #70314 used for Macy Halbert minifig 
  • Purple (Medium Lavendel) Top Hat - Mini figure (design #3878)) from Batman set #76052 used for the Penguin minifigure
  • Light grey (Med. St-Grey) ninja hoods (design #96034) from Ninjago set #70590
  • Dark brown (DK. brown) Peasant/Farmer cap/hood (design #4505) from set #70314
  • Silver (Silver Met.) knight visor (design #22395) from Nexo Knight set #70322 used for Axl minifig
  • brown/tan (DK.ora) scarecrow hat with hair (design #20606) from DC comics set #67054

  • Black (Black) goblin hat /mini hat No.27 (design #18984) from Nexo Knight set #70323 used for Bookkeeper minifigure NOTE -has red ears
  • Purple ( goblin hat/mini hat No.27 (design #18984) from Marvel set #76057 used for Green Goblin minifigure NOTE -has green ears (not sure of particular green color).
  • Black (Black) mini helmet No. 89 (design #22425) from Nexo Knight set #70315 (and others) used for Ash Attacker minifigure

 I love these "Elf" hoods with ears! I really, really want to see one with yellow ears! Maybe in a dark green?

The peasant hat (farmer cap) is very useful in medieval builds. Its been around for long time and in different brown colors. I was very happy to see it re-appear in a set because I needed some.

 I'm a little excited about the black Nexo Knight Ash Attacker helmet. It reminds me a little of the hat created for Mola Ram from Indiana Jones. It has spots for horns or attachments on either side.
 I've always liked these "Jedi" hoods because they can be used in so many different themes and time periods. Is this the first time that its been created in this bright orange color? I've seen them in different browns, dark red, white, black, grey and blue so far.

To the best of my knowledge the top hat had only appeared in black before but its possible that I missed an appearance in a different color. I would
love to see it in more colors and also different sizes for variety in historical city scenes.

AND the scarecrow hat! I LOVE this hat with hair hanging down. Its been used at least once in CMF 14 for the Wacky Witch but in different colors (purple hat and grey hair). This may or may not have cost me $3.10 from Bricks & Pieces. I do love it though.
 Another that I love is this Green Goblin hat with ears. Its been used before with the goblin from CMF series 13 (brown with ears in a different green) and again in black (with red ears) in the Nexo Knight theme. Also its been used for Green Goblin in a LEGO Juniors set and a Mighty Micros set. The purple and green may be different in those versions of Green Goblin. I may or may not have paid $2.66 for this one.

Remember the Ninja theme from the late 1990's? I remember seeing these hoods in those sets and then it was used again in some of the early Ninjago sets. I'm glad to see them re-appear again for more variety. I really liked finding it in this light grey in case I want to use them for plain grey sculptures.
 I discussed these "Elf" hoods earlier in the post. Again note that each has different designs on the top of the hood AND each has different skin tone colors used for the ears. There is another available in a purplish-lavender color in another Elf set. I don't have it yet. As I mentioned earlier I really hope to see these in different colors with yellow ears.
This blue color doesn't really match any of the minifigures that I quickly gathered for photographs. Hopefully in the future I can find a use for it. I suppose with a matching blue cape it would look OK on a minifigure of different colors.

It looks very nice with regular minifigures I think (not just Friends and Elves mini-dolls)

 Odd parts:
  • Grey (MED. St-grey) Torso No.1 (design #24078) from Nexo Knights set #70327 used for various "bots" in the Nexo Knight theme
  • Green (DK.Green) Wing for minifigure (design #93250) from Marvel: set #76059 used for Vulture minifigure (and others in the past in different colors)
  • Red ( Creature Body  No.26 W.arm No.1 (design #24133) from Nexo Knights set #70315 (and others) used for "scurrier" figures
  • Black (Black) beard for mage (design #10052) from Ninjago set #70595 used for (is it?) Master Yang
  • Green (Sand Green) Minifigure Trophy (design #90398) from Architecture: 21028
  • White (White) Minifigure Trophy (design #90398) from Architecture: 21026
  • Black (Black) Mini Pony Tail (design #22411) from Marvel set #76059 used for White Tiger minifigure

I love these little guys! The LEGO site refers to them as "scurriers" and there are several different variations (different printing/faces).

I love the face of this one. His looks very mischievous.

Their arms move but the hands don't come off.

There are holes on both sides of the head. In the Nexo Knight sets they are used to attach horns.

There is also a hole in the back for a tail.

Hats and hairpieces fit on these guys!

But... the shape of the body does limit which hats and hairpieces fit. As you can see this hat doesn't fit.
 Here is the "goblin hat" used for the Bookkeeper minifigure on my scurrier!
 And the top hat works as well.
I couldn't quickly find any red "horn" pieces so I used different colors. In the future I'll try different parts to see how they work.

Note the top hat sits above the holes for horns so it works with horns. Some hair and hat pieces extend down past the holes.
Knight Helmets and Shoulder Armor! 

I'm still waiting to get a few of the other visor parts from Nexo Knights.

The one on the right is the one that I most wanted though so I'm happy. Just a bigger more bulky visor than we've seen in the past for medieval themes.

They look nice with the shoulder armor. NOTE the shoulder armor on the left is a different color than the other.

The back of the shoulder armor has stud's to attach parts which is useful but looks horrible for those that want to use them for traditional medieval mocs.

Also there is the "hole" in the front that affects which torso may or may not look OK with the armor.

Nearly every armor piece like these that I've seen has orange on the shoulders. It was great to find some without extra colors.
Side view with armor.

Bricks & Pieces info:

  • Armor (Titan. Metal) Armor No.17 (design #22402) from Nexo Knights set #70326 used for Robin Underwood minifigure 
  • Armor... the second armor piece is in Silver Met. color but I don't remember the set that I found it in. The design # is the same as the one above. 
  • Visors (Silver Met.) Mini Visor No.3 (design #22395) from Nexo Knights set #70317 used for Axl minifigure
  • Visors (Silver Met.) Mini Visor No.4 (design #22400) from Nexo Knights set #70314 used for Macy Halbert minifigure

 From the front these look good with armor. From a side view though the first visor sticks out a lot. Maybe a little too much? with armor though it isn't as noticeable.

NOTE the second visor (on right) has a larger hole on top (for plumes) than visors that we've seen in the past. The traditional plumes won't fit. This one is supposed to work with Mini Pony Tail (design #22411) but I really struggled to fit it into the hole.

Helmets for army building.

I've seen these in several different colors over the years.

Grey (Silver Met.) Steel Helmet (design #30273)
NOTE this is not the super shiny color that was available years ago in Castle themes although I really like this variation.
They are also currently available in BR.Blue in Nexo Knights sets.

Thank you for reading! I've been very busy with grad school and for other reasons I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue the blog. Maybe I'll revive it in a different form in the future. Maybe not.

Comments and thoughts are always welcome. Thank you!

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