Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scooby minifigure guide for the completist

LEGO Scooby faces

I was unsure of which sets to buy to get different variations. For instance I noticed there was 3x different Scooby figures... Scooby with goggles, Scooby sitting and Scooby standing/walking. Actually upon closer inspection it appears there are THREE different HEADS (not 2).
Also I wanted to know if there were different variations of Shaggy and Daphne in different sets. I knew Shaggy had at least 2 different shirts. But is his face different in each. So I used checked the Design IDs for parts in Brickset and in LEGO Bricks & Pieces (those are the five digit numbers that I use in this post). If I provided the Design ID then I did check Brickset and Bricks & Pieces for the information. If I did not provide a Design ID it is only based upon my visual inspection of images.

Here are my findings...

Fred: Mystery Machine only

Velma: Mystery Mansion only

- 2 sets (Mansion and Lighthouse)
- Hairpiece (22873)
- Head (22875)
- Torso (76382)
- Leg assembly (22879)
-Appears to be the exact same minifig with no variations?

For the visual people out there (like myself) this may be best for Shaggy and Scooby (at the end is the written notes used to create the visuals)
LEGO Shaggy variants

Shaggy has a double sided head. There are 2 different heads (total of 4 different expressions). All photo's were taken from LEGO Bricks & Pieces except for the most frightened (design ID 21665) which is a detail from a photograph used in a review by Huw at Brickset and the frowning expression is my own from the Mystery Machine set.
LEGO Scooby-Doo comparisions
- Hair (I'm assuming there are no variations)
- Head (2 variations)
- - - Design ID 22384 in Mystery Mansion, Haunted Lighthouse and The Mystery Machine
- - - Design ID 21665 (alternate is more scared) in Mystery Plane Adventures and Mummy Museum Mystery
Torso (I'm assuming the only variation is in Haunted Lighthouse)
So.. with Shaggy I didn't check the design ID for the hair, legs and torso (visual inspection of pictures only)
- - Mystery Mansion and The Mystery Machine are the SAME MINIFIGURE?
- - Mystery Plane Adventures and Mummy Museum Mystery are the SAME MINIFIGURE?
- - Haunted Lighthouse has an EXCLUSIVE TORSO but the same head as the Mansion and Mystery Machine
So.. with Shaggy we have 3x variations?

- Head (3x variations)
- - - Design ID 21648 in Mystery Mansion and the Mummy Museum Mystery
- - - Design ID 22382 in Haunted Lighthouse and the Mystery Machine
- - - Design ID 22349 in Mystery Plane Adventures (goggles)
- Body (2x variations)
- - - Design ID 21649 (walking) in Mansion, Mystery Machine and Mummy Museum Mystery
- - - Design ID 22367 (sitting) in Haunted Lighthouse and Mystery Plane

My brain hurts...
Basically with Scooby we have 3 heads and two bodies. Have fun mixing them up to make different combinations.

I hope this has helped someone.

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