Sunday, February 8, 2015

LEGO March 2015 offers and events (March calendar)

lego vip program
I've learned to save up and plan some purchases when DOUBLE VIP points are offered. If you aren't familiar with VIP points you can click this link to open a new window at for more information about the VIP program . Here's the quick details... Its free to sign up, VIP members earn $5 for every $100 spent at LEGOshop@home or in Official LEGO stores. When double VIP points are offered members earn $10 for every $100 spent. There are rare occasions when triple VIP points are offered. That doesn't happen often.

Double VIP points are available March 14-29, 2015.

 March 14-20, 2015 is the date in which some offers overlap 

Normally some offers are stackable. Read on for more information.

 It appears (based upon the information in the calendar) March14-20 is the best time to make a purchase if one wants to earn Double VIP points AND get the free Azaris's Magic Fire set (with purchase of any LEGO Elves item) AND get the free Bionicle Hero pack with any purchase. Of course details may change before then and as always the items you are looking for may be briefly out of stock during this period. Also be sure to check out the current Discounted items at LEGOshop@home. Clicking here will open a new window at LEGO US Sales And Deals . At the time of writing this post (Feb 8th) there are some interesting items available at decent prices.

lego calendar free
 LEGO Elves sets (new theme) become available March 2015. They do offer some fun colors and elements. By purchasing any LEGO Elves set customer receive a free Azaris's Magic Fire set (shown in photo). There is of course some fine print and it will be available only while supplies last (March 1-31, 2015).
Free LEGO bionicle hero pack
I have to admit that I know very little about the Hero Pack. According to the information provided customers will receive a Free LEGO Bionicle Hero Pack with ANY purchase. It reads as though one does NOT have to purchase a Bionicle item. Offer available March 1-20, 2015 or while supplies last.

lego March events
Above and below is the LEGO calendar in its entirety. I don't live near an official LEGO store so some of these events don't benefit. I've included the entire MARCH 2015 though for those that may want to read more. 
lego march 2015 calendar

 Thanks for reading! I've been very busy lately. I plan to continue with LEGO reviews (and occasionally other items) when I can. As always if you have questions or notice mistakes please comment or contact me. Thanks!

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