Sunday, August 25, 2013

79007 Attack at the Black Gate Review

Completed set with minifigures
More detailed photo's of the actual gate and of each minifigure is near the end of the review. Please have a look. I always wonder what pieces and how many of each type are present in sets so I've sorted all pieces by color. This set is has a large number of black pieces so I've broken the black pieces down into several photographs so that its easier to see actual counts of each type. I put a lot of effort into sorting and trying to ensuring that I didn't leave a piece out of photo's but it always a possibility. If you are viewing this because you are packaging the set for resale you may want to consult an actual instructional manual to be absolutely sure that you have included all pieces.
All pieces (not including minifigures and weapons)

Only of few of these colors are in the set

All brown pieces (both dark and regular brown)

Both light and dark grey pieces

Black basic bricks

Black pieces (slopes and others)
More black pieces

All black basic plates

More black pieces

More black pieces

All black tiles

Great Eagle (only one included)

Gandalf the White

Aragorn Gondor Armor

The Mouth of Sauron

Mordor Orc with helmet and flail

Mordor orc with sword (no hairpiece or helmet)

Black Gate (actual gate shown opening from exterior)

Black Gate Interior View

Rock pieces are made to snap on easily to each end

Alternate view of gate with pieces removed to show the inner workings of gate lock mechanism

Technic piece can be pushed to open secret entrance underneath tower & overhead view of tower

Lots of black pieces
Gandalf the White (currently exclusive to this set)
Great Eagle (currently exclusive to this set)
Aragorn in Gondor Armor with double sided cape (currently exclusive to this set)
Mouth of Sauron (currently exclusive to this set)
Gandalf's beard and hairpiece (awesome for LEGO MOCs)
Orcs do not have hairpieces (although one has a Uruk hai helmet)

Final thoughts:
At $59.99 retail price with 4 exclusive minifigures (eagle included) and a piece count of 656 its a decent deal. Many have complained that the gate build is too small. Others have complained that it should be cheaper. If it had been bigger it would have cost much more. So I think LEGO did a great job of depicting the gate at a reasonable price and including great minifigures.

My two favorite things about the set are the Great Eagle and Gandalf's beard and hairpiece. I was disappointed that once again we get a bald orc (no hat or hairpiece).

The Mouth of Sauron figure is a very unique figure. It may be the creepiest LEGO minifigure that I've ever seen.

I really like the Aragorn in Gondor armor but I already have the regular Aragorn so I'll be selling this one. I love the double sided cape (different color on each side).

The build itself is fun and LEGO did a great job achieving the look of the Black Gate by using LEGO pieces in creative ways. I like the lock mechanism on the gate. It opens and shuts easily. I would love to someday build a larger Black Gate MOC in which the actual gate is twice as high and has Trolls that open the gate (as shown in the film)


  1. great concise review & clear pics

    1. I'm a little new to running a blog so I really appreciate your kind comment and for viewing the post. Thank you!