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LEGO Attack of the Wargs 79002 The Hobbit Review

Photo's of all contents

Tree shown divided into 3 segments
Initially I only noticed the actual wargs. The set didn't seem appealing for any other reason. $49.99 for figures and tree? After building the tree I actually like it. Its a good design. As you can see in the 2nd photo above the tree can be broken into 3 segments that are connected in two places by pieces that allow the tree to be "turned". This really confused me. I didn't remember the tree "turning" or spinning in the film (or the book for that matter). I don't think it is really a play feature. Rather it allows one to turn the different segments so that the tree can be displayed in different ways. Its actually a great idea.
Various angles/views of the tree

 Rocks! Much like the tree it isn't that exciting but it is well built and looks nice. There is a catapult function that allows one to catapult into the tree as though they are jumping into the trees to escape the wargs and orcs. I do like that the rock mound can be taken apart into 2 different segments (shown in 3rd photo above). I love that LEGO is making more and more LEGO builds that can be easily taken apart, assembled in different ways or connected with others to make bigger builds.
Various views of the same rock mound

Thorin Oakenshield
Currently Thorin is exclusive to this set. He has a double sided face and back printing on the torso. His hairpiece allows the possibility of adding a quiver. He comes with an axe and sword.
 Bifur is also exclusive to this set. He comes with a cape (pictured in package behind figure). It is the only cape in the set. His only weapon is a spear. He has a double sided face and back printing on torso. I LOVE his hairpiece with beard. I plan to use it for MOCs with other LEGO minifigures. It would make a great beard for a reclusive or hermit. It reminds me a bit of caveman from LEGO minifigures series 1.
Wargs (only 2 are included)
 The reason that most will buy the set is of course the wargs. They are exclusive to the set. I hope that more are released in future sets. The legs do not move. They do move at the neck and the jaw. Each is shipped in individual packages as shown. Both include a brown saddle. I love the details on the face of each and the texture of the fur around the neck.
Another exclusive to the set. Honestly I collect mostly LEGO minifigures with traditional yellow faces but I really like the face on this one. Its such a unique face and very interesting. I've never seen the "armor" piece but I can't say with certainty that it was not used in the Indiana Jones theme sets. Both his head and torso have back printing.
hunter orc
Both hunter orcs appear to be identical except for weapons (and quiver). Both have back printing on the torso and head. I'm glad that both include hairpieces. I'm disappointed that there are few sets including orcs that have one or more orcs with "bald" heads and no hairpieces (10237 The Tower of Orthanc, 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush, 9476 The Orc Forge & 79007 Battle at the Black Gate). Is it that LEGO is saving money by making less hairpieces or it a cheap way of creating "variety" among the orc horde? They need the ears and its sad that so many sets include "bald" orcs. The hunter orcs are exclusive to this set although they are VERY similar to the orcs from other sets (especially the Mordor orcs included in several sets). I may be wrong but the torso and face appear to the same as Mordor orcs in other sets. Unless I'm wrong the only difference is the legs. Mordor orcs in other sets have plain brown legs. I suppose this makes the hunter orcs exclusive to this set. The Mines of Moria orcs are still my favorites.
hunter orc 2
Lots of exclusive minifigures (all if you include the hunter orcs' different legs)
Wargs (exclusive)
Both orcs have hairpieces
Bifur's beard and hairpiece
Lots of brown pieces

Price (retail $49.99)
Main build is a tree (not a castle, vehicle or mech)

Final Thoughts:
May be a great investment if wargs are not released in other future sets AND if you can find it at a discount. Since this is the only set with Bifur, Thorin, Yazneg and wargs it may a hot item in the future after it is retired. Honestly I bought it at a closeout price. I'm selling all of the minifigures except for Bifur (love that beard) and keeping the pieces for future MOCs. I can always use brown and gray pieces. I'll probably regret selling the wargs in the future but my budget is very tight at the moment. 

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