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LEGO 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army complete review

Mirkwood Elf Army build fortress

LEGO 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army (The Desolation of Smaug) released in 2013. Set retails for $29.99 (US). Set includes portion of wall (fortress), 6 minifigures and 1 warg (beast). Above picture shows everything included except for minifigures, warg and weapons that are most commonly associated with each minifigure. Weapons and shields shown are considered extra. Shields can be attached to outer wall with the clip pieces shown on walls. The small assortment of pieces lying in front of the wall are pieces that were extra after building the set.

Minifigures are shown later in review
Review also includes piece breakdown by both color and piece/element type
LEGO 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army instruction manual
Set includes only 1 instruction booklet

LEGO Thranduil elvenking
Thranduil (Elvenking and father to Legolas Greenleaf)
Figure comes with unique hairpiece. The crown is attached to the hair and both are a soft rubbery material.
Also includes cape and sword shown. 
Figure has 2x sided face, back printing (on torso) and leg printing

LEGO Elf archer minifigure
2x Mirkwood Elf Archer
Set contains 2x identical Elf Archers
Includes bow and quiver
Figure has 2x sided face, back printing (on torso) and leg printing

Mirkwood Elf (with hairpiece instead of hood)
Includes knife (previously used in Prince of Persia theme)
Figure has 2x sided face, back printing (on torso) and leg printing
Figure is exactly like the 2x Elf Archers except for weapons and hairpiece

LEGO Gundabad Orc minifigure
LEGO orc minifigure
2x Gundabad Orc
Both figures are identical except one has unique shoulder armor (top photo) and each has different weapons
One has shoulder armor and spear
One has large sword (previously used in 2008 Castle theme)
Both have back printing (on torso) and leg printing.
Face is NOT 2x sided
This set does not include hairpieces or helmets for the Gundabad orc. At the moment I think the only set that includes Gundabad Orcs with hairpieces are 79011 Dol Guldur Ambush.  

The printing on torso and legs are different from orcs seen in previous sets. Other varieties that have been previously released are:
  • Moria Orc (green & from Mines of Moria)
  • Mordor Orc
  • Hunter Orc (different than Mordor Orc only in leg pieces)
  • Not to be confused with Uruk-Hai and Goblins 

Mirkwood Elf Army warg

Hobbit brown warg

1x Warg 
Exactly the same as the other Wargs released in previous sets (79002 Attack of the Wargs) except for change of color. Head moves at neck (up and down). Mouth opens.

Mirkwood Elf Army Shields
Extra Weapons included with set

Mirkwood fortress 
Exterior walls shown bent 3 different ways
Wall can be "bent" (hing pieces) in 2 places to change appearance and placement of walls.

Mirkwood wall
Interior wall view

Top of tree swivels 360 degrees

LEGO 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army review
Weapon rack
Additional sets can add to weapon rack with technic pic element

Tree can be removed from the wall
Additional walls can be easily added to the wall to make bigger fortress

Ladder to scale wall

Figure can be launched from top of tree into battle
Tree branch moves out of way as figure flies past (shown in photos above and video below)


Piece breakdown by color (below)

LEGO 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army review
All pieces organized by color
Lego review pieces
light tan and darker tan
Basic brown (I think currently referred to as reddish-brown)
Dark brown (not black)
Mirkwood Elf Army piece count
Light Gray

Piece breakdown by piece type (below)

Basic bricks and semi-basic bricks
lego slopes and arches
slopes of various types
small plates
wedge plates
tile with wall
misc elements and pieces

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