Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hobbit Laketown Guard polybag 30216

Lake town guard

 Great little polybag that I discovered at ToysR'Us (online) recently.
I'm glad that they included the catapult and weapon rack because I can always use more LEGO pieces but really its the minfigure that steals the show.
Lake-town guard
 I wanted the hat most. Its great. It reminds me of a Mongol (historic) warriors hat.

lake town guard minifigure

After opening I realized that not only is the hat great but the figure's torso and legs are very well done. 
The torso has both full front and back printing. 
The legs has great printing as well.
I can't wait to try adding other medieval helmets and hats. 
Both the hat and body will be very useful to one that creates medieval, fantasy, historic period MOCs.

Polybag includes figure, spear, bow (small), quiver, weapon rack and catapult.
At the moment the figure can only be found in this polybag or 79013 Hobbit/Lake-Town Chase set
30126 Lake-Town Guard (polybag)
31 pieces
Release date Dec 2013

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