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Nendoroid Link: Majora's Mask 3D version

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A new Nendoroid Link! It should look great with the Windwaker version! To see more images and get information about how to purchase please read the rest of my post.

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I recently placed a purchase with Tokyo Otaku Mode and was very pleased with their shipping costs (free for my order) and their authentic product guarantee. They have warehouses in both Japan and in the US so shipping should be fairly quick for those in the US in most cases.

Let me begin by stating that I do not own this figure yet. I have placed an order and it is scheduled to be released in January 2016. The preorder period at the Goodsmile Company has ended. It is available though for preorder at Tokyo Otaku Mode online shop (and other online vendors).

Again I don't have the figure on hand yet. All pictures have been taken from the Goodsmile company page to promote the figure and share with others like myself that collect Legend of Zelda products.

Nendoroid Link Majora's mask version
 Majora's Mask Link comes with a different sword and shield than the Wind Waker version (you can read more about this version at a previous post here )

I actually prefer the overall look of the Wind Waker version better but this one has great accessories and the figure is incredibly well done.

If you are new to Nendoroid (Goodsmile company) figures I'll briefly explain that most come with extra parts like arms and legs so that they can be swapped out to make different poses. The arms are usually somewhat poseable. They also usually have alternate faces that can be removed and swapped out so that the expressions can be changed. Many also come with a stand and posing "arm" to help pose figures. Many Nendoroids stand just under 4 inches tall.
Nendoroid Legend of Zelda accessories

This Link comes with four masks. The three shown here cannot be worn but because of the small hole at the bottom of each they can be placed on his hand so that it appears Link is either removing or about to place one on his face.

From left to right:
  • Zora mask
  • Deku mask
  • Goron mask
Tatl fairy

 There is even a Tatl (fairy) accessory that can be attached to the stand!

Here you can also see how the arm has be interchanged for the arm that is bent and with peg on the hand to hold the mask.
Goodsmile nendoroid
 I mentioned four masks earlier. The fourth one is Majora's Mask!

The mask can be attached to the front of the face by means of a connecting piece so that Link actually appears to be wearing the mask!

I really love the paint job shown in the picture on the mask.

What a great bonus accessory!
Majora's mask Link figure
 Wait! Does the Bunny hood count as a mask? If so customers actually get five masks!

I'm not sure how the Bunny hood is attached to the head though. I'll have to wait to see when my order arrives.

Also notice the legs have been changed so that Link appears to be running. The moveable "arm" on the stand is attached to his back so that he can appear to run without falling over.
Nendoroid Link: Majora's Mask 3D Ver
 In this photo the moveable "arm" on the stand can be better seen.

Notice Link's face has been changed to an angrier face more suitable for a combat pose.

The backside of the shield appears to have wooden details.
Legend of Zelda Action figure
 I love that a red potion bottle is included in the set. Is the face different in this photo? It looks the same.
I'm guessing that the Majora's Mask Link comes with 2x faces. I don't know how many interchangeable arms and legs. Other contents include:
  • Goron mask
  • Deku mask
  • Zora mask
  • Majora's mask
  • Bunny hood
  • Tatl
  • Red potion
  • Sword 
  • Shield 

While Nendoroid figures only stand about 4 inches tall I look the attention to detail and their overall appearance. I love that they come with stands and interchangeable parts.

Purchasing them in the US can be tricky since I rarely see them in stores. Most often they are found online and it can be tricky to purchase an authentic Goodsmile brand Nendoroid because of the bootleg versions that are often produced. I'm always nervous about buying them from ebay vendors and through Amazon.

My favorite way to buy Nendoroid figures is from the Tokyo Otaku Mode online shop. The prices are fair. items are well packaged and they guarantee that all items are authentic and ordered directly from the companies. Best of all for those in the US they also have warehouses in the US which can make delivery quicker. If you are considering purchasing from Tokyo Otaku Mode consider helping me out by using my invite link  . If it works correctly you should save $5 and help me to earn money for future purchases as well. Thank you in advance. 

Notice any mistakes? Please forgive me if you find one and let me know. Thanks!

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