Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LEGO Series 11

I'm still looking for several others that I must have from Series 11 but so far I have found 3 of my favorites. I've posted photo's of each of these 3 as well as some mix up fun at the end. Comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting.
Yeti (Series 11)
 Love the light blue with white. Both the torso and legs have light blue fur details.I shouldn't complain because I really really love this minifigure but how cool would it have been if the light blue were actually a face peeking through (light blue head underneath the "mask" piece)? 

LEGO series 11 Scarecrow
Scarecrow (series 11)
 Amazing figure! The details are very well done. Figure has leg printing, back printing and arm printing! The bird comes off the hat. The hat is an item that I want multiples of for use with other minifigures.
LEGO saxophone player
Saxophone Player (series 11)
 Great figure. He was one that I was most excited about because of the saxophone but after handling them all he is one of my least favorites. He has only printing on front of torso. I do really like both the saxophone and his face (love the glasses and sideburns)

LEGO series 11
Grandma (series 11)
 Definitely one of my favorites in series 11. Love her sweater and her very unique face. The hair is from same mold as the Actress from a previous series. Her legs are a unique color. The cat is great. I think this is the second appearance of the basket in collectible minifigures. Very nice accessory.

LEGO Holiday Elf
Holiday Elf (series 11)
NOTE: the face of the elf has been changed in the 3rd photo (its the face from the pretzel girl)

 I was excited about the Holiday Elf before he was released and I'm still excited about him after acquiring him! Love the expression on his face. The hat (with elf ears attached) is wonderful! It will be a very highly sought after item for those that wish to build MOCs with elfs. He comes with not one accessory but two! Both the present and the bear. The bear is a darker color than the bear previously included with Sleepyhead and a bowtie has been added. The present is made of a 2x2 brick with a 2x2 printed tile on top. I would love to have 3-4 of this figure. LEGO should have released more of these in each case.

LEGO Pretzel Girl
Pretzel Girl (series 11)
I love her face (freckles with unique charming smile). I like that the hairpiece is both blonde and so well sculpted. It is a soft/rubbery piece. Her torso has nice printing. She also has printing on her feet (front and side printing). The head is not double sided. The apron is cloth.  

LEGO constable
Constable (series 11)
Perfect as a companion figure for one of my favorites (Sherlock Holmes/Detective from series 5). The club is a new piece. The torso is well done but lacks both back printing and arm printing. My favorite is the mustache and helmet. The helmet is nicely done and fits tightly into place (unlike Vader helmets). 

LEGO yeti mix-up
Mix-up fun
The Pretzel Girl (with the Hollywood Starlets hair) reminds me so much of Kitty Forman from That 70's Show.

Even though I really love the Yeti it is frustrating that his head piece extends so far down his torso. I was looking forward to creating a Yeti in a business suit and mixing him with other torsos but his head piece covers nearly all torso printing on most torsos.

Overall I'm very pleased with Series 11. Can't wait to get more.
LEGO cat

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