Sunday, March 16, 2014

LEGO 76018 Hulk Smash Lab minifigure Review

LEGO incredible hulk
Incredible Hulk (purple pants)

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Modok marvel villain

Modok Marvel Universe
Modok marvel comics
LEGO Falcon 76018 Hulk Smash Lab
LEGO Falcon Avengers
Falcon (alternate face and back view of wings and torso)

LEGO Taskmaster 76018 Hulk Smash Lab
Taskmaster (white cape is in package)
LEGO Ultimate Spiderman Taskmaster 76018 Hulk Smash Lab
Taskmaster (alternate face and back of torso)
LEGO Avengers Thor 76018 Hulk Smash Lab
Thor (red cape is in package)
Thor (alternate face)
Thor (back of torso)
  • Hulk (offered again... different color pants this time)
  • Rare and thus far exclusive minifigures (Taskmaster, MODOK, Falcon)
  • Not a fan of Thor's face in this one. I prefer the movie version face
  • Hulk (again... if you already have one.. but you can easily sell him on the secondary market if this is the case)
  • $50 retail price (I suppose it could be worse.. higher)

For my SET (build) review please Click Here

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