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LEGO Hulk Smash Lab Set Review (without minifigures)

LEGO hulk smash full set review
For my MINIFIGURE review of the set Click here

Marvel Super Heroes Hulk Smash Lab 76018
Pieces: 398
 $49.99 retail
Ages: 6-12
released in March 2014
5 minifigures: Taskmaster, MODOK, The Hulk, Thor and Falcon
    There is 1x brick built Attack Droid included also (pictured below)
1 sticker sheet

Set has lots of blue pieces with some yellow highlight pieces. Young fans will probably enjoying letting Hulk smash the place. There are several spots that are built so that Hulk can smash things. I've included photo's of these areas (further down).
MODOK's chair and Attack Droid

LEGO hulk smash 76018 stickers
Only 1 sticker sheet included with set

LEGO hulk smash 76018 review
Attack Droid

LEGO Marvel Villain labs
Main view of entire set (without stickers applied)

LEGO AIM headquarters
"Back" View

"Hulk SMASH!"
Here is one of several spots that Hulk can "smash" things
MODOK's easily attaches to this "cannon" (in his chair). 
There is a 2x4 gray tile sticking out below the wheel (see it in the photo below?).
Push down on the tile and the "cannon" collapses.

LEGO MODOK hulk smash set review
"Cannon" that has been smashed
Push the technic pin/rod to the left and an area collapses (shown in photo below)

Hulk can make his entrance to the lab here by smashing through this portion of the wall. Several tile plates have been in portions of the wall so that it easily comes apart. The photo's below show the wall and the pieces that are used to construct the wall.


Thor has been captured and imprisoned in the cell. Hulk can rescue his pal by "smashing" (push down on 2x4 gray tile below the steps. The steps will fall over and the floor of the prison along with the clear walls of the cell will collapse thus freeing Thor.

LEGO hulk smash 76018 review

  • Cool minifigures (some great, some exclusive to this set... Falcon, MODOK and Falcon)
  • Fun play features for young ones 
  • Easy to build
  • Good opportunity to get The Hulk (although variant... different color pants than previously released)
  • Not a thrilling build experience for older fans (basic building techniques)
  • $50 for 398 pieces
Fun playset for young ones with play features. Set could easily be customized and made larger with additional pieces.

I think most will buy this set for the minifigures. If you are building a Marvel super hero minifigure collection this may be a great set to purchase. The Hulk alone usually (at the moment of writing) sells for $20 or more on the secondary market. Collectors will most likely be willing to pay $10 or more each for Taskmaster, Falcon and MODOK. I have mixed feelings about Thor. I like the face of the previously released movie version minifigure but I like the classic comic book version of the torso of this minifigure. I have a hunch that this may be a high demand set in the future after it is retired because of the minifigures.

Link to my minifigure review of this set is HERE

Do you have any thoughts about the set or minifigures? News about upcoming Super Hero sets or minifigures? Notice any mistakes within my post? Feel free to comment or write.

Thanks for reading!

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