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LEGO Movie: Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 Full Set/Build Review

Full Set/Build review

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review

LEGO Movie: Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809
Pieces: 738
$69.99 retail
Ages: 8-14
released in 2014
7 minifigures: Emmet, Ma Cop, Pa Cop, Vitruvius, Biznis Kitty, El Macho Wrestler, Lord Business
1 sticker sheet

Parts breakdown or Pieces review for this is available here
For my minifigure review click here

ABE LINCOLN minifigure is NOT included. 

I chose to use him to illustrate different play features.

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review

Back View of set

Where's My Pants

Where's My Pants TV set (sticker goes on grey sign)

LEGO couch build

Love the Couch

LEGO couch build

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review
Insert Master Builders into these

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review

Conference Room (Sticker goes on white board)

LEGO chair table build

Love the design for the table/chairs

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review

Figure falls out window (see details in following photo's)

LEGO trap booby trap

Pull balcony rails outward...

... and figure falls

LEGO Movie Lord Business Lair Play features

How it works

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review

"Nothing to see here says Abe" (love the columns)

LEGO column

LEGO Kragle

Kragle attacks

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review

Back view of Kragle

LEGO Kragle play feature

Push red piece in...

LEGO Kragle instructions

Push grey technic pin for further extension

LEGO Movie Kragle instructions

Technic Pin can be rotated to spin Kragle

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 review

Battery and Off and On switch (red knob)

LEGO Movie Lord Business 70809 Glue Tube

LOVE the 9volt battery and krazy  glue tube (stickers not applied)

LEGO Movie Glue Kragle

Glue Tube snaps onto black piece here

  • Price (less than ten cents per piece)
  • Great minifigures (many are exclusive)
  • Interesting building techniques (fun to build)
  • Good play value for young ones (set depicts several different areas of Lord Business' Lair even if they are very simplified and small versions of each
  • LOVE the 9volt battery, glue tube, couch, kragle entrance area and table with chairs

  • Lord Business' Lair is depicted with several "mini" versions of different scenes... keeps price low but it would have been much more impressive if each had been expanded (for the price LEGO design team did an amazing job)
Great set for both children and collectors 

If I were planning to purchase most of the figures AND a few sets for young ones to play with... This is a great one. I would buy this one because it has so many play features for young ones AND includes so many exclusive figures. I would purchase other must have sets (depending upon the child preference) and then buy figures that are still missing from collection from 3rd party vendors (Ebay, Bricklink and Amazon). The other sets that I would probably have to purchase for young ones to play along with this set would be 70808 Super Cycle Chase (awesome vehicles for play with Wyldstyle and Robo SWAT villains), and 70802 Bad Cop Pursuit (Bad Cop's cool car). Of course their are other minor characters in other sets that they may want to add to the collection but Lord Business Evil Lair, Super Cycle Chase and Bad Cop Pursuit is a great starting point.

Cheapest way to purchase many different exclusive minifigures. Lord Business (full build), El Macho Wrestler, Pa Cop, Ma Cop are exclusive to this set. Biznis Kitty is a variant (only available in this set) and so is Vitruvius. Emmet is the only character that is not an exclusive or exclusive variant. I've read that another version of Vitruvius will be available either as an exclusive polybag offer or as part of a promotional DVD or BluRay deal.

Link to my Minifigure review of this set is HERE
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What do you think about the set? Did you enjoy building it? What is your favorite feature of the set?

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