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LEGO The Hobbit: Dol Guldur Battle 79014 Minifigures

Minifigure Review for:

LEGO The Hobbit: Dol Guldur Battle 79014

Click here for my review of PARTS included in this set
And here for my review of actual BUILD review without minifigs

797 pieces
$69.99 retail
Ages 9-14
Released in 2013
6 actual minifigures + minifigure statue & skeleton
Gandalf the Grey, Radagast, Azog, Necromancer of Dol Guldur & 2x Gundabad Orcs
2x instruction booklets/manuals
1x sticker sheet
Can be combined/expanded with Dol Guldur Ambush 79011

Azog with club weapon

Radagast Hobbit Movie

Radagast with cape and staff

LEGO Hobbit Radagast the Brown

Radagast (love the printing on torso)

Beard is attached to hat (face is double sided)

Lord of the Rings Necromancer

Necromancer (no print on back of head or torso)

Gandalf the Grey

Same as 10237 with cape and 79005 but without cape


Gundabad Orcs: 2included (1 with shoulder armour and one without)


I really wish at least one of them had a hairpiece

Same as in 79012 (without hair) and 79011 (with hair)

LEGO statue Dol Guldur Battle 79104

Sculpture (exclusive to this set I think)

Does the skeleton count as a minifigure?

I love Radagast, the sculpture and the Necromancer
  • Great detail printing on both front and back
  • LOVE the hat. I do wish the beard could be separated from the hat
  • Very useful for many different types/genres of MOCs
  • Nice printing on both front and back of torso (as well as front of "legs")
  • Although I've heard others complain that he is too plain or "cartoonish" I find him a very interesting figure that could be used in other MOCs
Gandalf the Grey:
  • Basically the same that appears in many other sets. Some appear with a hat. Some without a cape.
  • I think many love the Azog minifgure. I think it looks strange. I don't find him horrible but I'm not excited about him either
  • I really like the printing and color of the Gundabad Orcs but I really wish at least one (or all) came with hairpieces. Customers that want bald orcs (for variety) can take a few off.
  • Same head, torso and legs that appears in Mirkwood Elf Army (without hair) and Dol Guldur Ambush (with hair)
Click here for my review of PARTS included in this set
And here for my review of actual BUILD review of this set

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