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Chima: Lion Legend Beast 70123 Review

Chima: Lion Legend Beast 70123
Pieces: 121
$9.99 retail
Ages: 7-14
released in 2014

1 minifigure: Laval (no cape)
   1 sticker sheet
(shown below but I did not apply to the build)
Bonus content: Card to unlock Lion Legend Beast on Chima Online 

LEGO Legend Beast 70123 review

All contents of package
(2x bags of parts, 1x sticker sheet, 1x instruction manual and 1x card with code)
Chima Legend Beast 70123 sticker sheet

Set contains 1x sticker sheet and a card that can be used to unlock the Lion Legend Beast at Chima Online

opposite side of card
Chima Legend Beast 70123 review

ALL LEGO parts (including the minifigure and accessory shown here)
Only one part is printed (excluding the minifig of course). This part is the 2x2 small slope with the Lion's eyes printed on it. There are 4 other parts identical to this one but without the printing.

LEGO Legend Beast review 
(above) Parts that I consider very useful, new or somewhat rare. I purchased the set for its joint parts that are also being used in Mixels. This set contains 18 of these joint parts. It also includes 2x white parts that are used for the Lion's teeth that were new to me. The Croc Legend Beast (#70126) comes with 8x of these "teeth". The Eagle Legend Beast (#70124) has 1x of these but in yellow and it is used for the Eagles beak. Very interesting part that I hope to see more of in the future. 

Chima Legend Beast 70123

Laval minifig with all included accessories (shoulder armor, sword and translucent shield). Laval is the main character of the Chima TV series and has been in several sets. This set does NOT include a cape although I've seen him with a blue cape in other sets. I'm not sure if the printing of the minifig is identical to other previous released Laval minifigs or not. He has a double sided face which changes his expression (around the eyes) even with the "helmet" on.

Notice the eyes are different in this photo than the previous one
LEGO Chima Legend Beast 70123 Laval minifigure

I really like that shield. Could be a useful part for MOC's.

I'm pretty sure that I've seen in any other sets before but this was the first one that I've acquired.

Chest armor has ONE stud on the front and TWO on the back

"mask" removed. I love that LEGO made the "masks" removable with a minifig head underneath. The head itself can be useful in MOC's and the "mask"

Back printing on torso and alternate face on minifig head
LEGO Chima Legend Beast 70123

The Lion Legend build is capable of a lot of movement allowing a lot of convincing poses

I love the shape created on the back of each leg with use of the half arch.

I think the grey parts on its shoulders are supposed to be armor which would be more apparent with stickers applied.

LEGO Lion 70123 Legend Beast

Here is the completed torso with 2x legs and the head to illustrate how the joints are attached. 

Completed head. I don't like the exposed grey part by his teeth. Maybe a white 1x1 tile would look ok there?
LEGO Lion 70123 Legend Beast

Head construction

Chima Legend Beast review

He can even sit!

Check out the movement of the joints! I know the pose is silly but I wanted to show how much the legs can be moved not only forward and back but also in towards the body or outward (feet wide apart). I hope that the photo does a better job conveying what I'm trying to say than my rambling at this point.

(Above) parts left over after completing the build


I don't collect Chima sets or minifigs although I do like the molds used for some of the animal heads and the prints on some of the torso's are useful for mocs. I also like the colors of some of the parts that have been used in some of the previous sets. I have purchased some in the past for their parts when I was able to find them discounted. I purchased this one for its ball joint parts, "teeth" pieces and the parts used for its "claws". These are parts that can also be found in many Mixel sets. I chose to pay $9.99 for this Chima set rather than paying less for a Mixel set because I like the light tan parts AND because it had more of the new ball joints parts than most Mixel sets. I chose this particular Chima Legend Beast because it had more joint parts than the crocodile and the eagle. The set reminds me of some of the animal builds that have been released in the past in the Creator Theme.

-Lots of Mixel joints and other new parts being used in Mixel sets
-121 parts (parts in colors that I like) and a minifigure for $9.99
-Very good range of movement for a LEGO animal. My son has been using it for stop animation and is presently building a scene to do more animation with him.

I'm very happy with the purchase. The joint parts will be very useful when building robots, humanoid figures, and animals. Maybe I can finally have a LEGO elephant by creating my own since I don't have the LEGO elephant that was released in the past (LEGO adventurers theme released in 2003).

It was a very easy and quick but fun build. I think young ones will be able to build it with no problems and will enjoy its great range of movement.

Its a great build to be used as either a display or to be played with and would fit a variety of themes. It could easily be modified into a griffin to be used with Castle Theme or as a giant lion in other themes.

I will probably buy either the Crocodile or Eagle Legend Beast in the future if I can find them at a discounted price or BOGO. I also plan to purchase a few Mixels (probably series 3) in the future.
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