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LEGO The Hobbit: Dol Guldur Battle 79014 PARTS review

LEGO Hobbit 79014 pieces review

797 pieces

$69.99 retail
Ages 9-14
Released in 2013
6 actual minifigures + minifigure statue & skeleton
Gandalf the Grey, Radagast, Azog, Necromancer of Dol Guldur & 2x Gundabad Orcs
2x instruction booklets/manuals
1x sticker sheet
Can be combined/expanded with Dol Guldur Ambush 79011

LEGO Dol Guldur Battle Stickers
One sticker sheet with some useful stickers for textures on otherwise bland walls. I don't really like applying stickers that often though so I did not use them.
LEGO Dol Guldur Battle Parts
Odd parts/weapons that did not fit easily into other categories.
LEGO Hobbit Dol Guldur Battle review
Standard dark grey bricks that are only one stud wide.
Standard dark grey bricks that are either corner pieces or 2 studs wide.
Dark grey parts that a little less common. Brick wall textures and hinge pieces.
Dark grey panel style or taller parts
Dark grey plates and tiles
Dark grey slopes of various types
Light grey bricks and slopes
Light grey plates

Light grey panels, hinges, tiles and other


Black plates
Brown parts
... or rather brownish
Notice there are...
-reddish brown
-darker brown (like the tiles and barrel)
-dark tan (only two 1x1 plates)
-orange-ish blade-like parts
White parts

If you want lots of Dark grey parts this may be the set for you! A large majority of the parts are dark grey with some light grey, black and brown mixed in. This would be useful set for builders that like to create their own castles, or rocky terrains.

Even at retail $69.99 (US) with its many grey bricks and parts and interesting minifigures it is a good set. I've seen offered as low as $51.99 (US) on Amazon quite often. Although its been offered at discounts lately I think that in the future after its been retired that it will be a highly sought after set because of the Azog, Radagast and Necromancer minifigures.

Set has 6 minifigures + 1x skeleton + minifigure/sculpture. Depending upon your interpretation of minifigure it has either 6, 7 or 8 minifigures. While Azog was available before as a convention giveaway for most of us this is our first time that he has been available to us. Radagast and the Necromancer are exclusive to this set. Gandalf the Grey and 2x orcs are available in other sets but I welcome more orcs for army buildings.

I most like...
Lots of dark grey bricks and slopes for castle and rocky terrain building
Black gates
Sculpture minifigure (can be seen at my minfigure review of this set click here to open in new window)
Radagast's hat (and torso printing... very nice details)

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Thank you to my subscribers and followers! Thank you for reading! Notice any mistakes? Have any comments about this review or future Hobbit or LOTR sets? Feel free to write or comment. Thank you! 

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