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Brownout: Pythagoras Chase! LEGO IDEAS proposal by Nick Royer

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  I don't often get excited by proposals on LEGO IDEAS. When I do, I have noticed it is most often because I respond very favorably to the licensed merchandise that the set corresponds with. For example consider X-Men: X-Mansion proposed by DarthKY and Glennbricker. I love the X-men and would love to have more X-men minifigs. AND it is a very cool looking structure to build and display with other LEGO structures. Consider the Adventure Time proposals by Jazlecraz, various Doctor Who proposals, Scooby Doo proposals or Zelda proposals by various people.  All of these have one thing in common. They are all characters that I would love to see in LEGO form because I was already a fan of the characters.

Nick Royer has created a proposal that does NOT include licensed characters that DOES excites me greatly. I love the ship and the characters.

 Royer has created characters that have both personality AND consist of interesting parts

There is Jack Freeman the Captain of the Pythagoras.
 A pilot named Jackson "Crash" Wu
 Mechanic named Kam Collins
 Every team needs a robot, mech or android. In this case we have an android on the run named Bravo 88
 AND no story is complete without conflict or an antagonist. In this case we have two bounty hunters.
LEGO space ship
 The ship appears to be named Pythagoras and looks like a lot of fun. It has a very interesting appearance and looks like it would be very fun for younger fans to play with.
 The currently proposed ship has 2 decks. The picture to the left shows the largest of the two decks.
 Detailed view of deck shown above

Why am I excited about this proposal?

1. It does not involve licensed merchandise (lower price for the parts and product... more for your money)
2. It looks like it would be fun to build
3. It consists of interesting parts or parts in interesting colors (both the ship and the minifigures). When I purchase a set for myself it is usually because I want to build the set and either display it or take it apart and use the parts for my own creations OR I simply want the parts. I think I would enjoy building this one.
4. It looks like it would be a lot of fun for young fans to play with. Nick Royer has provided the audience with enough information to make the characters seem to have a personality but at the same time Royer has left room for the consumer to create their own stories about them encouraging greater creativity among the young builders. I still remember playing with GI Joe figures when I was younger. For me it was never GI Joe vs the Cobra. It was always MY story with MY characters. The toys were simply the medium.
5. It would not be expensive for the company to manufacture and market. I don't see a lot of new parts that would require new molds and as I mentioned earlier it does not involve licensed merchandise.

Thank you Nick Royer for your exciting proposal! I wish you the best of luck with your project! 

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Learn more about the project at the following links:
Flickr account created to provide more details about the project
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Feel free to respond with comments. If anyone notices mistakes in my post please notify me. It was late but I was excited about the project and wanted to share and support it.

Nick Royer has another project called Hyperborea that I really like. You can check it out and/or support it at this link

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