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Knex: Super Mario: Series 4 Blind Bags

Series 4 is here and includes two great new additions! Waluigi is a great looking figure and nicely compliments Wario but it is Baby Bowser or Bowser Jr. that is my favorite!

Knex: Super Mario: Series 4 Mystery Bags
Pieces: Varies per bag (only includes 1 figure with no additional builds or display stands)
Retail: $3.99 (US)
Ages: 6+
released August 2014

Series 4 includes seven figures:
Bom-Omb, Toad (green), Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, Waluigi and Bowser Jr.

Several are repeats that have been available before in a set, blind bag series or part of a 3-pack.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Donkey Kong
Repeats but with minor changes:
  • Toad with green spots and vest (first time in green)
  • Bob-Omb with charred tip on fuse (previously released as mystery figure in Fire Mario, Hammer Bros 3-pack). The previous version had a plain white fuse without the charred tip.
New appearances!
  • Waluigi 
  • Bowser Jr (or Baby Bowser)
Bob-Omb and Toad are the Common ones
Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong are the Rare ones
Waluigi and Bowser Jr are the Elite ones

My son and I already have at least one Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bob-Omb and Donkey Kong so it was Waluigi and Baby Bowser that we were determined to find. We soon realized that "rare" means fairly easy to find and "Elite" means super difficult to find. Over the course of several weeks and many visits to nearby Wal-Mart stores we managed to find 1x Baby Bowser and 2x Waluigi. Several of the cases that we searched through we actually cut the tape on ourselves (definitely new cases that had not been cherry picked). We never found more than one each of Waluigi and Baby Bowser in the same case. Apparently there is only ONE Waluigi and ONE Baby Bowser in each case!

I'm pleased that Bob-Omb is a common figure because I really think that many will want multiples of him to create an army of Bob-Ombs. I think making Toad (with green) a common figure was a good choice also because many are probably searching for each different Toad figure to complete their collections. However I think Waluigi and Baby Bowser should have been easier to find. They should have included at least 2 of each in each case instead of 1 each.

Good news:
Often Knex releases figures more than once in sets or mystery bags or 3 packs so if you can't find a Waluigi or Baby Bowser now in mystery bags hopefully you will be able to purchase one in a set or 3 pack in the future. I hope... only hoping.. I don't have any news of upcoming sets.
Also I can tell you some of the codes to identify the figures:
  • 1st number underlined (either Mario or Luigi.. I wasn't interested in these and forgot which was which)
  • 1st number underlines TWICE (Waluigi) feel for long legs and pointy shoes if you want to double check
  • 2nd number underlined (either Mario or Luigi.. I wasn't interested in these and forgot which was which)
  • 3rd number underlined (Baby Bowser) will feel similar to Donkey Kong with point of hair on top and widespread legs. Be careful feeling for the hair on top of his head because Baby Bowser's hair on top is soft and could possibly be broken off while Donkey Kong's is much more spiky and made of a harder material. Be careful also because Donkey Kong and Baby Bowser's body shape and size are similar.
  • 5th number underlined (either Donkey Kong of Toad. Not interested in these) Toad is very easy to find though. Simply feel for the very round hat on his head with a smaller half sphere attached that is his head
  • 6th number underlined (either Donkey Kong of Toad.. see above)
  • 7th number underlined (Bob-Omb) VERY easy to find because his body is a HUGE round ball and you will find there is a huge abundance of him in most stores which I find sad because he is a great little figure. He is one of my favorite minions or henchmen released thus far.
I'll try to post more images of figures and parts in the future.
You can find more images and information of previously released Knex Mario figures in my older posts that I will provide links for here:
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