Thursday, July 18, 2013

LEGO Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom
LOVE this minifigure. Sadly I've decided to sell him. My LEGO collection grows far too easily. He looks great as LEGO minifigure. LEGO designers really did a great job with him. I do think that his headpiece should have been double sided with a different expression on the back. Maybe even a battle damaged face (shattered face mask revealing some of his face?)

I remember loving Doctor Doom when I was VERY young even though I had no idea what his powers were. All that I really knew was that he was a Fantastic Four villain and that he looked menacing in his hood, mask, armor and cape.

He is only available in 76005 Spider-Man Daily Bugle Showdown. The set also includes Spiderman, Nova, Beetle & Jonah Jameson. Why Nova and Beetle? Its great that they are exclusive but I consider them to be very obscure characters. I love that the set has includes 5 minifigures and an entire building even if its very small and comprised mainly of large window pieces. Doctor Doom's jet doesn't really excite me but its not bad. This would be an amazing set for kids to play with. I would've played with it for hours and of course added to it. LEGO shop link

After creating this post I started watching Ultimate Spider Man with my son. Its a great show. Maybe my favorite Spider Man show. The plots are fun and it is humorous in a very refreshing way. At times it reminds me of the Teen Titans animated show (not Teen Titans Go.. the show before that one). I highly recommend it if you enjoy animated Superhero TV shows. Anyway the reason that I've edited the post is because I discovered that on this particular show the main characters are Spider Man (of course) and his team that includes Iron Fist, Power Man (Luke Cage), Nova and White Tiger. Now I realize why they chose to include some of these characters in the LEGO sets (Nova in Daily Bugle Showdown and Iron Fist in 6873 Doc Ock Ambush). Recently Power Man (Luke Cage) has been made available in 76016 Spider Helicopter Rescue. Mary Jane and the Green Goblin (large bulked up version as seen on Ultimate Spider-Man) are also included in 76016.  If they include White Tiger in a future set (which I have nothing about) one could collect the entire team. Unfortunately 6873 Doc Ock Ambush (with Iron Fist) is now a retired set meaning that it would have to be bought on the secondary market and the price would most likely be above retail. Doctor Doom appears several times on the show as an adversary. So does Beetle (at first I was confused because I was thinking of DC comic's charcter Blue Beetle).

Feel like giving Ultimate Spider-Man a chance? I recommend "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man" (season 2 episode 12). Its very funny. I also recommend the episode titled "Guardians of the Galaxy" (season 2 episode 17) because its good but mainly because it is a good introduction to the Guardians of the Galaxy team which is coming to the big screen soon. 

Oh... I've since purchased a replacement Doctor Doom minifigure for my collection. 

Notice any mistakes?  Have any news to report in regards to Ultimate Spider-Man or Superhero LEGO figures and sets? Feel free to comment or contact me.

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