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Knex Mario Blind Bag Series 3 Figure Review

knex mario series 3 blind bags
Knex (or K'nex)
Mystery Bag Series 3 (Mario blind bags series 3)
Item number 38221 (knex online site item number)
Barcode 744476382214
$3.99 retail
Ages 6+
Pieces: Vary
released in 2014 
minifigures: 1x figure per blind bag with a total of 8 different possibilities in Series 3

knex mario blind bag series 3 codes
NOT the correct code for Diddy Kong!
Series 3 package is shown above. 

NOTE: I randomly chose a package to photo with the Diddy Kong insert. The numbers (code) probably do NOT match up as they should. 

knex mario blind bags series 3

This is the image that is at the bottom of the "instructions" (refer to photo with Diddy Kong instructions) and shows all 8 characters that are available in this series.

Character list and codes that correspond with each figure
Bullet Bill (1st number underlined)
Cheep Cheep (1st number underlined TWICE.. or double underline)
Mario (2nd number underlined)
Bowser (3rd number underlined)
Pink Yoshi (4th number underlined)
Toad (5th number underlined)
Diddy Kong (6th number underlined)
Hammer Brother (7th number underlined)

Series 3 introduces different categories of "common", "rare", and "elite"
Common: Cheep Cheep, Diddy Kong, Bullet Bill
Rare: Mario, Toad, Pink Yoshi
Elite: Hammer Bros, Bowser

I ordered 11 and received the following:
2x Cheep Cheep
1x Diddy Kong
3x Bullet Bill
2x Toad
3x Pink Yoshi

That is 6 from the "common" category and 5 from the "rare" category. I have mixed feelings about having these categories. I of course didn't want 4 Mario since I already have one but at the same time I didn't really want 3x Bullet Bills. I think most would want 1 or 2. Most people will want 2 or more Hammer Brothers since they usually appear in pairs in videos games. I think most people will want 1 Bowser so it makes sense that he is "elite".  Maybe characters that are NOT "troops" (Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Mario, Bowser, and Toad) should be in the "elite" category since most people will NOT want many of these. Figures that ARE troops (Cheep Cheep, Bullet Bill, and Hammer Brothers) should be the more common figures since most customers will want multiples to build "armies". Of course by making the more desirable figures more rare companies will most likely sell more packages.

Knex Blind bags series 3 codes

Here is Cheep Cheep! Very nicely sculpted! He is a bit "soft" and seems to made from a softer almost rubbery like material than most Knex figures. While he looks nice he has no articulation (like Boo in a previous series). The transparent LEGO piece that I have under him doesn't fit snugly into the hole in the bottom.

knex cheep cheep review

Mario series 3 review

knex mario cheep cheep series 3

knex cheep cheep review

Knex Mario Fish series 3

Here you see that the hole in the bottom is much bigger than the clear LEGO piece that I used to display him. The holes in the sides (one on each side) are much smaller than the one on the bottom. The same LEGO piece does NOT fit well into the smaller holes on the sides either. It will be difficult to attach him to LEGO MOC's. Still I think he is a great addition to the Knex Mario line.

Knex LEGO Cheep Cheep

Here is my solution to attaching him to LEGO builds. A LEGO 1x1 cone brick in the bottom hole. It can be inserted very tightly into the bottom hole.

Knex Cheep Cheep LEGO

Knex Diddy Kong series 3

Diddy Kong! My son desperately wanted a Diddy Kong. I was hoping for two (one for myself) but I was satisfied with one for my son. He was previously released in the first round in the MarioKart blind bags and was also available in building sets. He looks great. The tail can be rotated 360 degrees so that it can be positioned to the side or up or the other side. I love the printing of "Nintendo" on his cap and the stars on his shirt.

Knex Diddy Kong Series 3 blind bags

Knex Mario Diddy Kong Series 3

Knex Diddy Kong series 3

K'nex Mario Toad series 3

I think that the Toad figures are adorable. I've always like them. I would love to see a Toadette figure. Toad has been previously released in the MarioKart blind bags (white package) and in building sets. He was also available in the Super Mario Bros Wii blind bags (red package) but in different colors (yellow and blue). He can not sit because his legs do not bend. 

Knex Mario Toad series 3

Knex Pink Yoshi Series 3

While I love Yoshi and am not crazy about the Knex Yoshi figures. From some angles he looks great but he would have been so much cooler if they had a created a Yoshi that Mario could ride on. This is the first appearance of Pink Yoshi in the blind bags (possibily in building sets as well). A Green Yoshi was available in the MarioKart blind bags (white) and a Blue Yoshi and Yellow Yoshi was available in the Super Mario Bros Wii blind bags. Same color variants as Toad (regular version, yellow and blue).

I must complain about the paint job on this one. Notice the bottom of his torso? The paint was not applied well. Often people feel the bags to determine which figure is inside and I know that sometimes this may cause pieces to be rubbed together causes scratches but I ordered these from Knex website so I don't think this was the case.

Knex Pink Yoshi series 3 review

Knex Pink Yoshi Series 3

Unlike the various Koopa's his shell is NOT removable.

K'nex Pink Yoshi review

K'nex Mario Series 3 Bullet Bill

Bullet Bill looks nice. He is very glossy while most other figures appear to be more of a matte finish. His arms are movable. His hands are closed into fists so that can not hold items.

They can be removed though (at wrists) and interchanged with other character hands. For instance trade one of his hands with one of Mario's and suddenly Mario is making a fist! Fun right?

The hole that is the BOTTOM of him is the same as the holes on the SIDES of Cheep Cheep. While you can use a LEGO piece (such as the one that I added in the photo's) to display him it does fit only loosely meaning that he easily spins on it.

K'nex Mario Bullet Bill

K'nex Mario Bullet Bill

The "flame" appears to be a sticker but I'm not certain.

K'nex Bullet Bill

K'nex Mario Hammer Brothers

Hammer Brothers! I love these guys. They are sold separately (1 per blind bag). I did NOT receive any of these guys when I ordered 11 blind bags but I did acquire two by purchasing two of the Hammer Brother, Fire Mario & Mystery Figure (3 pack). Like Dry Bones and other Koopa troops the shells are removable. I have more pictures and info in my review of the 3 pack here

I don't have a Bowser yet to photograph and I think most of us have seen Mario so I didn't photograph him.

knex mario bad guys
Photo shows sizes of various figures (some not series 3)

What are your thoughts? I'm still hoping for a Kamek and Toadette in future releases. 

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for the codes for the blind bags! You have saved me so much money by making it easier to find the ones that I need (or easier to spend money by making it easier to find the ones that I want).

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