Sunday, May 11, 2014

LEGO Simpsons minifigures 71005 Collectible Minfigures Blind bags

LEGO Simpsons Maggie Krusty

Both have one display stand and one accessory. Krusty includes the pie with a creamy yellow color on top (otherwise the same as the white pie that was with the Small Clown in Series 5). Maggie includes her very worn out teddy bear.Rosebud. If you want to learn more about the teddy check out the Simpsons episode titled "Rosebud". 
LEGO Maggie Torso

Maggie's torso is very interesting and works well for LEGO moc's of toddlers (shown above). The only problem that I have with it is that the arms are normal size which is a bit too large for the "toddler" torso. Still I have glad to have the piece in my collection. I used the head of Emmet from the LEGO movie blind bags and the hair of the Bavarian Girl (or Pretzel Girl) from series 11 blind bags. 

Maggie's somewhat fearful expression will be useful at times but I think I prefer the expression of the Maggie minifigure that is part of The Simpsons House 71006. 

LEGO Krusty the Clown Actor
 I'm going to have fun with Krusty's head piece. One of the few of the things that I've done with so far is combine it with the body of LEGO Shakespeare from the LEGO movie blind bags. I'm thrilled with it although it was a little different than I expected. Maybe its the very pale yellow thats used for his face (although it is accurate with with his character).

Kang and Kodos anyone? Not sure how the LEGO group would pull off LEGO Kang and Kodos figures (just to be clear I've heard NOTHING about plans to do so... just think it could be a lot of fun). Maybe I'll have to find the time to make some LEGO moc's of Kang and Kodos.

I'm really hoping that LEGO Simpsons don't stick around for long but there are a few minifigures and sets that I would love to see. I would like to have Otto (busdriver), Bleeding Gums Murphy, Comic Book Guy, Moe, and Groundskeeper Willie.

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