Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mega Bloks Spyro Skylanders Giants 95426

Mega Bloks
Skylanders Giants: Spyro 95426
Item number 95426
Barcode 0 65541 95426 7
$5.99 retail
Ages 5+
released date: unsure
2 minifigures:Silver Metallic Spyro and buildable Arkeyan Defense Drone

   No stickers

I found this at a local Kroger today on clearance for $2.10! I bought it for the Spyro minifigure. He looks great and has good articulation. I can use him as a drawing reference or as an addition to LEGO MOC's.

There are a few interesting pieces. I like the semi-transparent blue "spikes".

The 1x2 red plate looks interesting because it has studs on both side but it only includes one.

While it may be possible to pull the legs off I didn't try. I didn't want to risk damage the figure. His head and wings come off easily so he is basically 3 parts.

His legs DO move. I think its interesting that parts of the figure are matte gray while other parts are shiny silver. Mega Bloks did a great jump with the transitioning from one surface finish to the next.

In this photo and several others I am displaying him with a semitransparent LEGO piece. The hole in the bottom of Spyro is a little smaller than the LEGO piece and I had to force it in just a little. Its a little snug.

I've always loved dragons and have a difficult time resisting the urge to buy every dragon figure that I encounter. At the discounted price I had to own this little guy and I actually think he is worth the full retail price. Mega Blocks did a great job with him. I have since found myself studying other Mega Bloks Skylanders sets in stores.

What are your thoughts about the figure or set? Do you have a favorite dragon figure that I should check out?

Thanks for reading!

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